is there any way to make juicing affordable?

I've been juicing for a while now and recently my boyfriend decided he wanted to start drinking juice every day. I buy all the food for the house and I am having such a hard time buying enough produce to keep making juice everyday. Since then I've pretty much stopped drinking juice just so he can have enough to be satisfied. Does anyone have any advice on how to make it more economical?


  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    How about making a smoothie instead and adding water/ice? Your stuff will go further if you use the whole fruit and veg.

  • Start gardening! Grow the veggies you're spending the most on for juicing.

    Also, people with fruit trees sometimes post on offering lemons or whatever else they have too much of.

  • Buy cheaper produce.

    ...or garden!

  • Try speaking to your local grocery stores's managers and asking to buy either flats/boxes of things in bulk at a better price or asking if he or she ever throws out produce, and if so could you instead take it off his/her hands.

    Most large grocery stores throw a lot away that's perfectly good, especially for juicing needs.

  • Yeah we're in process of building our garden right now so once we get that goin I"m sure it'll be easier. Thanks for the input

  • Does your BF realize you are not drinking your juice just so he can have enough? In addition to suggestions by other posters, I suggest you half the juice that you can afford or re-negotiate your' financial household contributions. You should not be so altruistic as to give up your juice. Would he be that selfish if he knew you are giving up your juice for him?

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    instead of using a juicer, my father in law puts his fruits in the blender. Not even smoothie style, as he adds no milk or anything. Just the whole fruit and water. That way you'd be using more of the fruit and probably be getting more from your fruit.

    Also, try using seasonal produce. This can make a big difference, esp as not in season fruit is quite pricey. In the summer when most fruits are in season, buy extra and freeze them so you can have them year round (of course, this only really works if you have a deep freezer, not if you live in an apartment like me...).

    You may also want to not be tied to fruit juices only. Throw some cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and cayenne in the blender for a yummy veggie juice.

    and, also, to make your juice go farther, try watering it down.

    While it's none of my business, you may want to have a talk with your bf. Nothing too heavy, but sometimes when people don't do the shopping often, they don't really have an idea of how much stuff costs. Like, while the boy and I both contribute to our household expenses, I'm the one who actually physically pays the bills and having lived on my own longer, I have more of an idea of how much food should cost. So when it comes to certain things, I have to explain to him things like "only buy the cherry tomatoes if they're under 4$, I'm not paying more than 4$ for them!"

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I'm with Cherie--the other suggestions are great, but it sounds like you have a lousy deal with your bf in this regard.

    Also, some juicers are much better than others at extracting juice; maybe you could upgrade? And (if you're not doing so already) adding some citrus or apples to vegetable juice can add lots of volume without too much extra money.

  • Well, thats awfully nice of you to make sure your boyfriend gets enough juice, too bad he does not have the same concern for you. My initial suggestion is to find a new boyfriend.

    Outside of that, my wife and I jucie every day and we buy a 25lb bag of organic carrots from Publix for $15 and organic apples from either Publix or Whole Foods for around $2/pound. We then add organic celery , beets, ginger or whatever is fresh, resonable and will work in our centerfugal juicer(unfortunately we don't have a masticating one yet). This ends up being relatively inexpensive.

    Good luck and best of health to you.

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