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Ladies: Treating Strep B Naturally



  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    Hi, Dumpling! I received instant relief when adding colloidal silver to a douche. I always followed and measured according to the instructions. Yes I found probiotics helpful too. I do have a word of advice though. Drinking lots of water can help the condition and when you're retested for strep an it comes back negative, be careful to take precaution and continue probiotics to prevent yeast infections. It's very possible to have Strep B and a yeast infection at the same time- I know very irritating. I would treat yeast after your strep b is cleared. I am particularly fond of Yeast Gard suppositories. I hope this helps :)

    You should not have to continue taking the colloidal silver after the strep clears, but it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for it to clear (this is my own personal experience).

  • Ok thanks for the info! I got all the stuff that you recommended and plan on starting the treatment Monday. This has been a terrible year! It is such a terrible stubborn infection. I have tried 3 diff kinds of antibiotics and just a ton of stuff to no avail. I really hope this works!!! Just to clarify though, once the symptoms are gone (approx 2-4 weeks of taking the supplements), did you mean it is likely that the strep b can come back eventually? Then you start the supplements again? Just wondering because I think in one of your posts you mentioned that sometimes the symptoms start up again (like when you eat sugary foods)? I just want this to be gone for good!! Mine are itching and very badly burning sensations. Very uncomfortable!!

    Anyways, thank you again so much for all the info and wish me luck!!

  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    Well, Strep can come back. Mine did in two years after I had my daughter. I guess you could think of it like a cold/flu. Sometimes they are inevitable no matter how hard we try, and where as we have them for a short period of time the can come back.

    I was looking for a natural solution as opposed to taking antibiotics and these are my results. If the Strep does come back this is how I will treat it. The symptoms flared during the regimen when I would eat sugary foods, and I believe that could have something to do with yeast as well. When you have one vaginal infection it is likely that you have another as well (bacteria or parasite).

    I wish you the best and really hope this works for you. Don't forget you may want to treat potential yeast overgrowth after the Strep-away regimen is over.

  • Ok I have been on the herbs since last Monday and man they are really screwing me up!! I'm not sure which one in particular, but I have started feeling really depressed again (I had a really bad problem with some birth control that caused me to have major depression). I also have been having rapid heart beat and anxiety issues. I don't know if I'm taking the wrong doses or what the deal is, but I think I need to give up :-(. I feel so lost. The doctors say there is nothing they can do to get rid of it and I cannot deal with this! It is a constant burning and reminder that there is something wrong with me. I just think about it pretty much 24/7 (except when I'm sleeping). This just really sucks that I can't even try this for 2 weeks to see if it would work for me. Is there anything a doctor might be able to give me that will work? I have tried amoxycillin, kefflex, clindamycin and none of them worked. I just hate going back to the doctor, I've been there like 10-15 times since last year when this started and I feel like I'm getting no where. If maybe I had an idea of something that would work I could tell her about it. I heard there are vaccinations, but I'm not sure if they are available in the US. I am also wondering if I have a candida overgrowth problem because I do get very frequent yeast infections also. I have been also having terrible acne and I don't know why. I am just a mess right now :-(

  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    It sounds like you may have yeast overgrowth too, which it much trickier for me to treat than Strep B- Ironically :( We typically get yeast infections because of a deficiency in our diet. I'm pregnant so mine just won't to go away :( yet, I don't have strep- at all due to using this regimen. Yeast guard does give me relief but my body is so mixed up from the pregnancy hormones it just keeps coming back :(

    I don't know if you know this but stress can aggravate yeast. So, I recommend attempting to eliminate stress from your life and trying relaxation techniques.

    I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help...nine times out of ten there is more going on than Strep-B

  • Hi Vegan. Just wondering how you have been? I think I have found out that my problem is definitely yeast overgrowth. I was thinking maybe that's why I had that terrible reaction to those herbs. Not only was I taking the maximum amount of everything you recommended, I was also taking grapefruit seed extract & oil of oregano. I think I was experience a severe "die off" reaction. I have done a ton of research since I was on here. Well after I quit taking those herbs, I took another round of antibiotics hoping to kill the strep b still. That wound me up in the ER due to severe anxiety!! It was nuts!! So yeah I think my body is all screwed up from this crap. I have been on way too many antibiotics and birth control and stuff and it all finally caught up with me. Anyways, I have been doing the candida diet, where I cut out all sugars & wheat & dairy... I am also trying some supplements, but I'm not going to go crazy and take them all at the same time like I did before. It does seem to be helping - my face has cleared up quite a bit and a lot of the pain and burning has gone away. I was just wondering how you were doing ?

  • howardmhowardm Raw Newbie




  • daisy1986daisy1986 Raw Newbie

    Hi- sorry to bump an old thread but wondering if anyone was able to cure their symptomatic b strep long term and how? 

  • marquitadmarquitad Raw Newbie
    daisy1986 said:

    Hi- sorry to bump an old thread but wondering if anyone was able to cure their symptomatic b strep long term and how? 

     Hi Daisy,

    I just happen to see your post today. I agree with alkalizing your body.

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