Hello everybody,

I am really interested in going raw as there are so many amazing outcomes of it, plus I have a lot of trouble with my skin (despite trying all sorts) and I have heard a lot of connections between raw food and great skin! I have started to make small steps into transition, introducing smoothies and more salad based meals. I have never eaten unhealthy and meat isn't a big aspect of my diet anyway. I am so excited to become completely raw, as I want to see the connection between my diet and my energy for doing work! I am currently at Uni, so if I can improve my concentration and energy I am hoping this will show in my grades also.

I think that's pretty much all. Which book has everyone been reading to start? Just out of interest.

Paris xxx


  • Hello Paris! Welcome to a healthier life style.

    I am also in school, but I am an older returning student so I have my own home.

    But investing in a nice size lunch box and containers helps keep food on hand while in school.

    What I found to be easier is to eat only fruit in the morning.

    Of course fruit with skins are easy to pack in your back pack like bananas, and apples.

    Sometimes I cut up mangos and pack them in plastic containers.

    If I have class all day, I will make up a tasty raw dip and cut up carrots, celery and cucumbers to bring to classes with me.

    I would not worry too much about getting a dehydrator, but try to invest in a good blender and/or food processor.

    Look into good green smoothie recipes to start off your day as well.

    Now, if you find yourself wanting a cooked meal now and then, don't beat yourself up over it.

    We all take a little cooked beans and rice once in a while, and there is no such thing as "sin" when a raw foodie eats a something not raw once in a while.

    Read books, read websites, find what works for you.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for your tips! I will look into investing over easter with my new machines and boxes! I have been browsing this site and there's SO many recipes I want to make already!

    I made a green smoothie on Fri which was lovely, I didn't know spinach could blend with the fruits so well!

    Paris :)

  • Spinach, fresh mint and herbs, salad greens all make great smoothies!

    You will enjoy being raw.

  • Unlike most raw fooders on the planet (I think ;-)), I really dislike smoothies and blended food of all kinds, but like yourself, I have to pack two meals a day for on the go. I usually do what IsisDC does and take fruit for the morning and I make a large salad for lunch with crudite and a dip for a snack or some dried fruit and nuts. It really isn't necessary to refrigerate food that you make or combine in the morning and eat throughout that particular day, so you should be OK packing meals even if you don't have access to a fridge.

    BTW, I went into raw just to feel generally better, but I can attest to the better skin. If you stick with it for just a few weeks, I bet you'll see a difference for yourself. It's actually pretty amazing, and I was coming from a whole foods vegan way of life, not necessarily SAD.

  • Thank you, Quizeen. I do think I have noticed a difference in my skin, it's definitely glowing more and I do feel a lot better. You're right though, I do feel so much better for being raw. Although I am still not completely transitioned, I am not having a lot of warm cooked foods. On Sunday I had eaten some lentils warm and afterwards I'd felt appalling, which is even more encouraging for me to make this transition for good :)

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