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Having trouble ending cooked food addiction! Tips please :)

Any tips to help curb fatty food cravings? I'm raw for a few days and then eat like 4 cupcakes, or half a pizza, or some other obscene food choice. I feel really bad mentally and physically when I flub. I'm still nursing a 16 month old baby. I've been transitioning slowly, and she seems to be adjusting w/o any problems. I just seem to be having a lot of trouble making the full commitment. About 5 years ago I woke up one day and said, no more meat, fish, or eggs, and I've never eaten any since, but going raw has been considerably harder for me. Any tips would be so appreciated. Thanks for the support!

Peace, Love, and Living Foods,

*Syama Dasi :)


  • i do crazy binging too sometimes. I was told it was probably because i am hungry, and should eat more fruit...

  • threnodythrenody Raw Newbie

    Maybe you should start more slowly, add in one-two raw food meals per day until you get used to it, and slowly make the cooked food that you do eat healthier.

  • Going raw 100% over night is real hard. My father stopped a 20 year 2 pack a day smoking habit overnight like you did with the meat and eggs and fish. Thats not easy ether. Grats on that btw. =)

    My advice is this. With the food choices you are making now is awsome and it is a wonderful start. Now just start out finding your fave breakfast and eat that as many mornings as you can. Look around and find 3 or 4 raw dinners/ lunches and have one a week or even 2 a week. Find the recipes you like and eat those more often, but keep looking for new ones. You will soon find that because your body is realy loving the slow change it will crave more of new living stuff and less pizza and cupcakes. It learns to understand what it is realy craving. Besides, you can find some bang up recipes for pizza and cupcakes in the raw world. Even a wonderful Cinnamon rolls recipe can be found on this very web sight.

    As you know, this is a whole new world of eating, nearly unexplored and uncharted. See what path you might cut for yourself. And share your map!

    Blessings you to you and yours.



  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    just ween yourself in slowly is all i can say, have raw versions or the ingredients ready so you can make the cheat you desire but raw.


  • Thanks everyone! Sound advice :)

  • I have the same problem, which often sends me further into a binge cycle. I think transitioning slowly is the key, otherwise we set ourselves up for failure. Replacing one meal at a time, will eventually become one full day at a time. I'm sure overtime it will become more natural to reach for the banana and almond milk, instead of those cupcakes.

  • I know it's going to take time. I guess it was kind of silly to think it would happen over night like my switch to vegetarianism. Thank you for the encouragement. I think you made a good point. :)

  • Eating lots of greens curbed my cravings. Smoothies, powders, salads, juices, marinated greens--whatever you like. Also, if I crave something fatty, I eat something fatty. I just make sure it's Raw! Good luck to you!

  • nsns

    I am not 100% raw but here are some of the tricks I use to increase my intake of raw foods. I keep baby carrots and baby cucumbers prominently on the counter so I reach for them whenever I feel like snacking. Dump a lot of chopped raw vegetables in curried vegetables so I get the taste as well as raw foods. Drink some smoothie or eat some fruits before going to some place where I am going to eat cooked food. Snack on fruits as often as I feel like - it makes you feel full pretty soon with all the water in it. I make my own trail mix with organic cereals, nuts, raisins, dried fruits, dates and seeds and keep it for snacking.

    From time to time I feel like eating some sweet candy kind of thing. I started making something for my little 4 and half year old and I started using it myself too. I mix lots of flax seed powder, kelp, turmeric, cumin, cardamom (all powders) and whatever herbs I feel like adding along with some oils - sesame, olive, hemp, ghee and raw honey. I just leave the mixture in the fridge but you can also shape them in rolls or squares. Good and healthy candies for kids as well as adults.

  • cupcakes revengecupcakes revenge Raw Newbie

    I've found the most important thing when you're making a diet change to stop eating something, is to have alternatives readily available. So determine what it is you're craving and then make sure to have pre-made raw alts on hand. For example: Me and refined sugar are not friends. Like it makes me very ill if I even have a little bit. But I also always crave something sweet mid-afternoon. If I have nothing on hand and go out and buy something, then that something is going to have refined sugar and make me feel awful. But, what I've been trying to do is to bring some raw chocolate mousse or sesame fudge or cacao covered bonbons to work. Then, when the craving hits I can eat something that's much healthier, that tastes way better and that doesn't make me feel awful.

    also figuring out when your cravings hit could help. When I'm really hungry, I tend to automatically crave chips. I don't even like chips, but I guess when my blood sugar drops my body automatically thinks high carb. So, I've been not letting myself get too hungry.

  • What I'm gathering from all the posts here is that it takes a higher taste to replace a lower one. You can't just create a void by denying yourself something, you have to fill it with something better. Thank you all for your advice. I know like-minded community is important to me to make the the change, and there are no raw foodies where I live, so it's nice to come on this site and get support. Take care everyone :)

  • Something to consider beyond particular foods that you like to eat that you might want to avoid is when or how you like to eat certain things. For example, I can do pretty well throughout a day, but ever since I was a child it's been almost a ritual that my dad and I would have a sweet treat each night at about 8 o'clock. Well, I'm 38 now and my dad has passed away, but I don't feel right unless I have some sort of sweetie at about 8 each night. So, I have it. It's raw now, but I don't try to outwit myself at every turn. You can have comfort and even ritual and still stay on the path that you aim to go down.

  • if you will look into the raw vegan low fat diet or the 80/10/10 or 811 ,i have been 100% raw eversince i started living it , without desire for cooked food, all the best on your journey

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