Several cold and flu occurrences

I am more than 50% raw on most days - I have been like this for a year or so. My recent blood test (after raw) was absolutely fabulous compared to the before raw one - except for vitamin D. Now I am taking supplements for Vitamin D.

What is puzzling me is that I have had several occurrences of cold/flu in the last few months. Earlier (before raw) also I would have cold/flu a couple of times every winter but I was hoping that with raw foods and stuff I would have significantly better immune system. I actually was hoping for absolutely no cold/flu this winter.

I wonder if anybody else had a similar experience. I would welcome comments/suggestions/analyses...etc.


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    vitamin D is an integral part of immune modulation so this could be the case, although you may also be lacking other vitamins and minerals. Most blood tests from docs rarely even test vitamin D here in the UK so your lucky.

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