How much greens??

Hello Everyone!! I'm starting raw tomorrow and i'm super excited! I'm doing it to feel healthier and have more energy in general, but i'd also like to lose about 20 lbs. Anyways, I'm wondering how much greens you should consume in a day on a strictly raw diet. I've heard people say "massive amounts" but that's so broad...So do i need to have like 2 heads of lettuce in a day? or is that unnecessary??


  • Hey,

    Other people will be able to help you a lot more than me as I also am in transition period, but I aim to get greens into my lunch and dinner. I do eventually want to be having it on a morning, but it's just about what you fancy too isn't it. I think there might be some other posts about greens, but if this one is bumped up I am sure you'll get some good info!

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    Greens should make up about 2-6% of your caloric consumption. That works out to about 1-2 pounds a day, depending, but you certainly don't have to start out eating this much. I hated plain greens, cucumbers, etc. when I first went raw and did not touch them until about a couple months in.

    The bigger concern here is your fruit consumption. Greens provide next to nothing in the way of calories and so you need to make sure you are eating enough fruit to sustain yourself. helped me in the beginning to make sure that I wasn't undereating.




  • Agree with Swayze. Make sure you have enough fresh, ripe fruit on hand. And maybe try green smoothies to get those greens in. I don't count poundage, but try to get about 20 c. of greens per day.

  • Swayze, I will check out that website but I definitely haven't felt like I am over eating- if anything it feels like I am overeating! This is probably because I do need to get more food in but I don't think that I eat as much (or atleast I don't feel as horribly full and bloated) as I did previously.

    Love your posts though.

  • Just something to think on. IF you are coming from a horrible diet, you may want to reconcider loading up on tons of fruits and greens right off. Usually a gentle transition is easier on the digestive tract. If you've eating salads and fruits often before, it probably won't be such an issue to switch to all raw. But, if you usually live on burgers and fries, you may end up spending an enormous amount of time in the bathroom and in great intestinal distress.

    Building up to lots of greens and fruits can take time for some people.

  • sv3sv3

    You're right sisterbecky....when my meat&potatoes loving boyfriend first started having green smoothies with me for breakfast, he said it sent him running to the loo! He did get used to it after a while though. :-)

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    i probably eat a pound or more a day and it's always a mixture of greens. i just go by the measurements on the bags or boxes i get them in. like, one bag will be 10 oz of whatever type of green so i could add 1 head of iceberg with it or another 10 oz of spinach.

  • cool, thanks guys! this helps a lot! I like greens in smoothies and juice, so i will probably consume most of them that way.

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