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Fear of fruit...

Hey there, I thought I might introduce myself. I'm Sydney, and I've been a member of GoneRaw for a little while now, and have been into raw foods for awhile as well... But, my one problem is my fear of fruit. I have read 80-10-10, and I believe it is the optimal way to feed my body, but I feel that because I'm not an avid athlete, it will make me gain weight (and already have some weight to lose).

I am not sedentary, I do yoga 2-3 times a week (each time about an hour long), and I rebound for about an hour per day, (some days I'll do some light walking in addition to the rebounding).

How can I get over this fear of gaining weight from fruit?

Any advice would be great :)




  • Guitarchick94,

    You wrote " I believe it is the optimal way to feed my body" about fruit and 80/10/10. Honestly, the best way to know is to try it. Don't get hung up on an ideal diet, and then trying to make your results fit it. I honestly can say I have never known anyone gaining weight from fruit. (maybe someone who has will chime in?) There are some people who are diabetic or have candida who have had issue with high fruit. According to Dr. Graham's theory on it, if you keep your fat levels low this won't happen. Though I agree that many people on SAD do eat way too much fat, I am leary a bit of some of Graham's beliefs (you can get too fearful of healthy fats too imho). But, I do agree with his stance on lots of fresh fruit in your diet (unless there is a specific medical reason not to).

    Either way, I can say when I followed the 80/10/10 book plan I did not gain weight from fruit. I would start with a big fruit salad for breakfast and see how you feel. Also, don't forget to add a big salad of tender greens later in the day! If you don't like salads so much, try making a smoothie with the greens and some fruit.

    It actually sounds like you exercise quite a bit to me. The only really good way to know is to try it. Trying it for two weeks, even if you did gain a little weight, wouldn't do much damage (weight gain).

  • KittyKitty Raw Newbie

    Trust me, you will not gain weight from fruit. I was fearful of the same thing because of the high sugar content. Fruit is extremely cleansing and when eaten on an empty stomach it goes right thru you and you benefit so much from all the enzymes and nutrients. Your body needs it and a lot of it. Read Fit for Life if you want more persuasion!

  • sv3sv3

    You don't need to be an avid athlete to eat lots of fruit. You are very active anyway so I wouldn't worry!

    This post will no doubt generate LOTS of responses as people on this site are very pro-fruit.

    (Me included!)

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    you seem very active already, so i agree with sv3. i eat all fruit (and lots of it) for breakfast, lunch, and after dinner. dinner is usually a big salad or soup. i've lost 10 pounds since january when i started eating this way and i eat a lot. everyone at school always comments on how i'm eating 7 apples for lunch or a bag of grapes.

  • Wow, thank you everyone! This is very motivating, and encouraging. I posted this on here and 30BaD as well, so I could get advice from everyone in different walks of the "raw" life. =]

    I was also wondering, even though I do a moderate amount of exrcise, it is most of the time lower-intensity. Should I add other exercises in to what I'm doing now? Or are am I good to go?

    You guys are really great! Thanks again.


  • Eat enough fruit,get in some green leafy veggies, keep the overt fats to MAX of 10%, and keep exercising like you are and you will lose fat weight and gain muscle weight.

    fat loss + muscle gain = gorgeous bod

    Good luck! ;-)


  • That should be last of your worries!

    I am sure it is great to read supportive messages, but you need to try it for yourself.

    When I first went raw all I knew is what I now call gourmet raw - and it just didn't work for me... and i kept slipping, until I found 811 and low fat vegan lifestyle - IT WORKS FOR ME!

    Another thing...it will make you want to move!

  • I just joined this morning, and so far I'm really impressed by all of the helpful and intelligent discussions. I've just become serious about going raw, having been primarily vegetarian and vegan for almost 10 years and dabbling in raw food for about 8 months. This weekend I'm doing a 3-day fruit cleanse for the first time and I hope this will really jump start my raw food journey. I, too, am struggling with "gourmet" raw recipes. They look tasty, but seem to really take a lot of time for dehydration, or have tons of ingredients that are sometimes quite expensive. I sometimes hesitate making these recipes, as I've tried some, only to be disappointed with them either due to the taste or because my bank account is drained from buying 8,000 kinds of seeds! I wonder if it is better to just eat "normal" raw fruits, veggies, etc. in their natural whole state and not try to make what seem like artificial concoctions that try to imitate animal products or cooked foods. Have others had this issue? Do things really need to be this complicated? What is 811? I would really appreciate any insights. I live in North Texas, so there is not a huge raw food community or even vegetarian community here...I know, of all the places to try to be raw! I still get funny looks if I order a cheese sandwich :-) Thanks, everyone!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I would definitely recommend incorporating strength training into your routines. There are so many different options: bodyweight, free weights, machines, kettlebells, etc. Regardless of what equipment (or not) you use, it's important that you challenge yourself. Doing 100s of squats with 3lb weights isn't going to get you anywhere. Start slow and be safe, but always challenge the muscles and try to work to at least 1 rep before failure.




  • Sydney,

    I have also been doing some yoga and I would not say that it is light exercise. I consider myself to be in good shape and yoga gives me a pretty good workout. I guess it also depends on who is leading your classes and what they are having you do. There are probably diffrent levels of yoga.

    It looks like you are quite a bit younger than me and unless you have some physical limitations, maybe you could add to your exercise routine. I know that not everyone enjoys exercise and I'm not sure how you feel about it. You may just want to make sure that your caloric intake does not exceed your output if you are concerned about gaining fat.

    Best of health to you.

  • Shnicky,

    Which "style" of eating will work for you in the end is going to be something you will need to find out by trial and error. Some people enjoy the gourmet food and do well on it. Some people follow the 811and sing it's praises. Many people just come up with what works for them.

    As far as the more "gourmet" style, if you do the heavy in the nut type recipes it will be more expensive. Sometimes you can substitute a cheaper nut or seed (like sunflower seeds, way cheaper than most) in a recipe. Some of the gourmet type recipes are more focused on special equipment like a food processer (for "noodles" and such). I did buy a dehydrater and food processor when I started looking into raw. Though I don't use either daily, they do come in handy from time to time and I'm glad I bought them. If I had to pick between the two, I would go with the processor (just my opinion). I use it much more often.

    Some of the gourmet "soup" recipes don't focus on nuts and higher fat foods, so if you end up going more the 8/10/10 route you may still be interested in them. Gourmet style raw has it's critics because of the debate over higher fat that is in some of the recipes. Some people in the raw community restrict their fats (as in the 811 way) to very little added fats- other words just fruits, greens and very little (if any) oils or avocado or nuts. Some people find they do better with more fat in their diet. Some people eat whatever amount they want of fat as long as it is raw.

    You will find strong advocates on both sides of the fat issue:-)

    80/10/10 (or 811) is advocated by Dr. Douglas Graham in his 80/10/10 diet book, though I believe there are other books by others promoting the same type of diet? Anyways, here is Dr. Graham's site if you are curious: http://foodnsport.com/

    In his book he pretty much advises these things: Eat lots of fruit, pretty much more fruit then you think you can. Most of your calories come from the fruit. Also, have a BIG salad of tender greens- stuff like romaine, red leaf, that type. The salad should pretty much fit in a regular serving bowl (not the little salad bowls most people use). Most people eat breakfast and lunch of fruit, and then the salad for dinner. But, you don't have to, you could mix it up.

    Salad dressings are fruit based- not oil! Lemon juice or other pureed fruit. No (or very litttle) nuts, seeds. If it's a high fat food (like avocado) usually avoid it. No salt, vinegar or spices. No condiments- if you wouldn't eat it as a meal, don't eat it.

    No grains. Dr. Graham is very against grains. No dairy or meat of course. If I remember correctly, his diet doesn't use rougher veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower. Oh, no onions or garlic either.

    He does advocate lots of fresh air and exercise.

    Not everyone that follows a high fruit, low fat diet follows all of Dr. Graham's ideas. But, in the raw community (at least among high fruit people) you will often see him referenced quite a bit.

    "I wonder if it is better to just eat "normal" raw fruits, veggies, etc. in their natural whole state and not try to make what seem like artificial concoctions that try to imitate animal products or cooked foods." Many people would probably say yes. Remember, just because you have some "imitation" raw food, or gourmet food, doesn't mean that that's all you have to (or should) eat. There's nothing stopping you from having 6 bananas for breakfast, then turning around and having a type of raw "pasta" paired with a big leafy green salad. You could also choose to try a gourmet meal one day, then more 18/10/10 the rest of the week. Or, you can pick one way of doing raw and stick only with that way.

    Some people are high raw, and other will not us olive oil that isn't raw.

    "Do things really need to be this complicated?" No, just go with what works for your health, and your life style. and where you live even.

    Good luck.

  • Oh, wanted to add this Shnicky- many times people transitioning from cooked to raw find the gourmet or imitation recipes help them from missing foods they liked. Some people will start with them, and move away from them as they get more use to raw foods.

  • Actually, 80/10/10 isn't about restriction, number one.

    And number two, it's not necessarily a raw plan, so if you're doing non-all-raw 80/10/10, steamed veggies and grains are eaten.

  • I should have made more of a distinction between following 80/10/10 as percentage of diet and the diet described in the 80/10/10 diet book by Dr. Graham. It is true that a person could keep their protein and fat down to 10% and be no raw. It could also be done omnivore as well as vegan. (My answer was aimed more at the 80/10/10 raw diet because I thought that was what Shnicky was asking about.)

    Listing "no grains" was in reference to the the book "80/10/10 diet by Graham. It's been a while since I read the book, and do not have it with me at the time, so I was going by memory. But, I do remember the book coming out pretty strongly against grains, onion, garlic or any time of condiment. Beans too I believe. This wasn't meant to say the diet was about restrictions. It was just summarizing the book. There is an abundance of fruit out there. A lot of variety of greens as well.

    Low fat, high fruit diets don't all follow the Graham style (I believe I mentioned that in my other post). Usually when someone asks about 80/10/10 I assume they meant "that" book because it has such a following.

  • Raw Crossfitter: I think I will add some more exercise into my routine, maybe some running, body-weight exercises (push-ups, chin-ups, etc.) and now that summer is near, I'll be spending a lot more time outdoors which will be great for me :o).

  • Thanks for all of the great advice, everyone. I'll look into 80/10/10. I find myself feeling like a need a bit of fat in my diet. Not too much. The fruit cleanse is going very well, and I'm on my last day of it today. Thanks again!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Awesome, keep us posted! :)



  • I wouldn't worry about gaining weight with fruit. I started a 40 day raw eating plan last week - the intention is for me to continue being 80 - 100% raw at the end of it. I'm eating lots of fruit and nuts and so far I've ony lost weight.

    My understanding is that you can gain weight eating fruit if you eat it with or after heavy cooked meals, not if you are eating raw. But hey, I'm no doctor! That's just what I've been told.

    I'm doing a daily update on my 40 day raw experience, so if you would like to join / help / encourage me along the road to raw, check out my blog at www.pinkpassionflower.blogspot.com

  • sv3sv3

    Pink Passion Flower, I love your blog! Really entertaining! Keep up the great work.

    Oh, and if you could get your husband to rub off some of his magic dust onto my BF, it would be much appreciated!

  • Thank you so much SV3, glad you are enjoying the blog.

    Sorry it's taken so long to reply - I lost the link to gone raw - duh!!! All these veggies are messing with my head.

    Working on bottling that magic dust.

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