excited, trying new recipes and actually liking them.

today i tried collard veggie roll ups...

i used (keep in mind i'm transitioning)

shredded carrots, broccoli slaw, cole slaw mix, tamari, a bit of sesame oil, mung bean sprouts, and ginger. i rolled it up in a collard leaf, and it was actually palatable!

i also did cornbleets apple pie, OH MY, that was incredible I couldn't think of anything in it that was bad for weight loss, except the almond crust, and oh wow, even my friends who know nothing about raw love it !!! I am getting to where i can have more spinach taste in my smoothie and started a small veggie and herb garden today. I will have tomatoes and bell peppers, spinach etc, hopefully soon!

i have been craving a coconut cream pie. any suggestions?

also, what can you subsitute in recipes for coconut, oil, water and butter... we don't have thai coconuts within a 40 mile radus. we have the old hard fuzzy brown ones, and they are half rotten when we bring them home.


  • p.s. i have a question really quick too. i have heard that your stomach acid kills the enzymes anyway, is this true?

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    if your stomach killed the enzymes, why would people take enzymes?

    honestly the misinformation out there is so frustrating. a lot of it being spread on this site.

  • If you'd like stone cold facts about how your body digests food, uses macro and micro nutrients, etc., without any judgment, I can't recommend Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina's "Becoming Raw" highly enough. It's a pretty new book. They're the authors of "Becoming Vegan" and "Becoming Vegetarian," too. Both are registered dietitians and I believe Brenda Davis was one of the authors for the American Dietetic Association's position paper on vegetarianism. They know their stuff and have come down on the side that raw vegan diets are a beneficial and useful therapy and lifestyle choice.

    If it's desserts you're looking for, Jennifer Cornbleet has a newish book, Raw Desserts, that's great. No dehydrator needed. There are some recipes that call for young Thai coconuts, but most do not. Everything I've made from that book has been super awesome.

    I know how you feel about being excited that certain unfamiliar raw things are tasty. Although, I've fairly given up on fruit and/or green smoothies myself. I can't take 'em, but I'll gladly just eat the greens ;-).

  • They sell raw coconut shreds, and I once saw a recipe using whipped avocado, coconut oil, a sweetener, and coconut shreds. The crust was made of nuts or nut pulp and sweetener... If you have cashews they would make a great "cream" in the pie instead of avocado. I think 'cados are a bit wrong in sweets personally (except key lime pie!). :)

    *I* have been craving savory dishes myself, but my budget has left me with the simple yet tasty carrot-apple-beet salad tonight. :) Oh falafels, and curries..mmm at the thought.

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