Juicing (Jay Kordich video)

eechoeecho Raw Newbie

I wanted to discuss this video from the Renegade Health Show. It is of Jay Kordich (the JuiceDaddy) talking about juicing.

I go back and forth with the logic of juicing. At times it seems logical as a benefit (its expediting what your body does anyway), at others it doesn't (no juicers in the forest). I think in this video he makes a compelling argument for juicing. The only thing I disagreed with is the beginning when he mentions needing to eat like 20 pounds of plant life per day, and how thats impossible. Even if we did need 20 pounds per day, I know there's plenty of people who eat 15-20 pounds per day of mostly fruit.

Regardless, its a good video and I think he makes a good argument about chewing. What do others think?

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