"Raw" almonds and cashews

I have found a lot of "raw" food recipes using almonda and cashews, but its my understanding that cashews must be heated to reduce their natural toxins in order to be eidible and all almonds sold in the US must be pasturized due to an e-coli contamination that occured sometime in the past at one of the large processing facilities. I have decided cashews probably should be classified with other foods containing toxins like grains, beans, legumes, and potatoes and not consumed raw. But what about almonds? Anyone have another take on these foods?


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    I don't know what to tell you...Seems lots of people eat almonds and cashews raw and don't have any problems. Perhaps the source where you're getting the info that they're "toxic" from has an alternative agenda.

    or perhaps they mean that eating the shell is toxic, which is something I don't think anyone raw does.

    check here: http://www.living-foods.com/articles/rawcashew.html

  • I believe you have been correctly informed and that most nuts are not raw.

  • It's not that I have any "problems", its that they are processed and not technically not "raw". And I was a little off in that the cashew itself is not toxic, but the shell is. But actually they are quite bitter "raw". Have you have ever had a really "raw" cashew? My wife is Brasillian and I have been to Brasil on several occasions and I am quite familiar with cashews. Actually in Brasil, the juice from the fruit of the cashew is more popular than the "nut" and it tastes great. I'm not sure why it has never become popular here.

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    I wonder the same thing about non-dried dates. Like they're supposed to be awesome and yet nowhere to be found - at least not where I am.

    But back to cashews...http://www.upayanaturals.com/Cashews_WHOLE_2_2_lb_bag_RAW_CERTIFIED_ORGANIC_p/nfl-0515.htm

    you can order "truly raw" cashews from them and theirs are supposedly sweet. Maybe it depends where the cashews are from and when they're harvested?

  • Thanks for the info. Yea, maybe the ones I got were not quite mature. I'll check them out.

  • I ordered raw almonds at justnuts.com and they truly were raw. Those babies sprouted!!

  • oops wrong website. It's nutsonline.com

  • Raw almonds at stores are actually pasteurized, it's a law. They still often call them raw.

    I buy from a grower by mail in California called Briden farms almonds so the almonds are unpasteurized. It's legal this way.

    I soak them overnight and rinse them a few times and let them air dry for an afternoon and they are very good, easier to digest, still alive, etc.

    Best wishes, Gil

  • I have ordered a bunch of raw nuts on raw guru. The first order I got 2 lbs of almonds and 2 lbs of cashews, both were better than I have ever had before. I think the cashews were Indonesian, but they were great. I really liked cashews before, now I REALLY like them. I soaked the almonds, they were good, but liked them raw more. Soaked(sprouted) almonds are used alot as an ingredient in raw food recipes. To answer the question, they ARE edible and are REALLY GOOD! Have some pistachios and flax coming on my next order, as well as more almonds and cashews. :)

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