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Greetings All

How excited I am. I am curious about eating raw but not yet comitted. I juice a lot however I like my sunday dinner which normally consists of sweet potatoe, yam and fish with vegetables. I would like to learn how to make raw dishes for the week. I am looking forward to the outcome of my transformation

Nice to be here


  • Hi, I've amassed quite a few raw cookbooks, but the one that is the easiest and most useful is Jennifer Cornbleet's Raw Food for One or Two People. You won't need anything more than a food processor/blender and a knife to make the dishes in the book, which was my main reason for purchasing it. So many books rely very heavily on dehydrators, so it's nice to have interesting recipes that do not require such an expensive appliance. Ani Phyo's dessert book is excellent, too. Only one or two dehydrator recipes are in it. If you can check it out of the library or you decide to purchase the book, try the Pineapple Icebox Dessert. Wow wee, it's a good one!

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