Another newbie joins the crowd!

Hey everyone! My name is Carrie and I have long been interested in reclaiming my health and steering clear of the SAD, so I’m very excited to be here! I live in the southern United States and now is a fantastic time to go raw since the Farmer’s Markets are filled to the brim with so many fruits and veggies. Still, I’m finding it a bit overwhelming so I’ll likely be lurking more than posting initially, but I did want to introduce myself and let everyone know that I’m glad I found the Gone Raw forum!! I’ve already read many helpful posts and some great recipes that I can’t wait to try. Anyway, just wanted to say “hey y’all” as we do down here!! :)


  • Hi Carrie,welcome!!!! I understand your overwhelming excitement because I was too,and still am.Sometimes I make myself sick with so much food choices and preparations. I’m learning to go slow,slowly and enjoy every dish,every think. In July I bought the book 80/10/10 and went to Brazil,my Country,to visit my mother.I did the complete diet and got sick,because I was so excited with the book,so overwhelming with all the information…wow!! I hope you are not like me.Well,now I’m trying to go slowly. TAke advantage of the Summer and have a lot of sun bath,walkings,salads…and go slowly. Raw life is wonderful like anything else that we enjoy “slowly”. Maybe I’m writing it to myself. Welcome again !

  • JosiegirlJosiegirl Raw Newbie

    Hey guys! I just joined gone raw too and I have to say, these recipes are better than I’ve found in the books. Better advice too. I love it!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Hi Carrie, I’m from the south myself and it is certainly a great time to go raw! I just recently stumbled on to this lifestyle and have spent a lot of time just reading posts and looking at recipes. I have spent the last 10 or more years tweaking my diet trying to reach optimum health. I just recently cut meat from my diet and I feel much better. I think grains (overconsumption of haha) are also giving me a problem,but it is hard to cut them totally out. It is definitely a day by day journey. I try to make at least 2 meals per day raw, but if not then to have a good salad with the cooked food. The recipes on this site are very helpful. Good luck on you journey. Debbie

  • Welcome Carrie and Josiegirl! I certinaly hope that your journey to raw is filled with good health and a inner awakening. So many people are in denial or just totally ignorant of how much our diets affect us. It’s sad to see people who quite literally “eat themselves to death” I am a off-and-on raw fooder for a couple of years now and I’m trying to make a commitment this time to stay on raw for good. The people on here are an AMAZING bunch of people (did I mention they are also cool?) so feel free to lay on us any questions, concerns or comments you might have. I know that there is someone who will be able to help you out! Looking forward to seeing you around! K-Mom

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