Hey so my mother claims that she cooked some quinoa and put the leftovers in the fridge and it sprouted. She says it happened twice and her boyfriend says he witnessed it. My mother has been sprouting for years and I'm pretty sure she would know sprouts when she saw them. Can anyone explain this? Can I start eating cooked quinoa?


  • When you cook quinoa, it forms a "tail" and maybe she thought that was sprouting?

  • Hmmm...is strange though, since it sounds like she's had quinoa before? As far as can you eat quinoa. If you want to. Some people sprout it and eat it raw. I don't care for sprouted quinoa myself, so I do eat some quinoa cooked (I aim for high raw, not 100%). Up to you. It wouldn't be considered raw of course.

  • Ok that makes sense. I didn't see it myself and I have never cooked it myself. The only thing is that she said it took a day. Anyway I'll let her know. Thanks.

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