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Sugar cravings

I am struggling big time right now w/ eating right! I crave sugar all day long...mainly chocolate! I have put on about 15 lbs because of this! Can anyone recommend healthy sweets that don't cause weight gain and are also good for you! Fruits don't seem to do the trick! I also love nuts!! Also, can all of these be purchased at Whole Foods? Its either there or Walmart!


  • cupcakes revengecupcakes revenge Raw Newbie

    dates! When I stopped eating refined sugar, I kept dates with me all day long. I gave myself (if I remember correctly) 3-4 dates and like 10 walnut halves for my work day. and would have a bite here, a nibble there...

    Your body gets addicted to refined sugar, so it's hard at first. But, seriously, having dates I didn't have any trouble at all.

    For chocolate, ani phyo's avocado chocolate icing in her desserts book is super rich and thick, so a small container of it lasts me my whole work day. There are also lots of other raw chocolate-y treats that you can find recipes for online. I find that the afternoon especially I have huge cravings for chocolate and sugar, and if I don't bring anything with me, I'll eat something with sugar and feel crappy.

    i buy my dates at the grocery store...not sure if they're fully raw though...hard to tell when companies don't offer any info on their food products on the package. Read the ingredients to at least make sure there is no added sugar.

    i like using dates the best in my raw recipes over other sugar sources because it has other minerals and vitamins as well.

  • thanks...I thought about dates! never have tried them!! thanks again!

    I would love to try that succalent cheesescake recipe on here but not sure if I can purchase all igredients at whole foods?

  • Yeah! I would agree with cupcakes revenge... dates are an awesome way to get your sugar. I personally prefer supplementing dates in place of Agave, Stevia, etc... I mainly eat lots of fruit during the day (mainly bananas and apples) and that handles my glucose levels... you should try doing that if you would like. Hope this helps! :-)

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    how bout raw chocolates? as long as you keep the portion reasonable, they can be part of a healthy diet. my favorites are gnosis chocolates. http://www.gnosischocolate.com/

    vanessa, the chocolate maker, came up with all these exotic flavors and they are mouthwatering!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    How much fruit are you eating? If you are eating enough sweet fruit to fuel your body, than you should not be craving sweets at all.



  • Refined sugar is addictive, but yeah, I agree with eating loads of dates. They may be a bit more expensive than other fruit but they're soooo worth it! Especially if you can find Medjool or fresh dates.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Aww, a cuddly Buddha...I want one! lol



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