Moving on with raw

Hi everyone! I've been vegan for about 15 years, but my husband and I finally decided to eat a high raw diet after experiencing a very stressful 2009. I've been researching raw and lurking on raw vegan boards forever, but I had trouble sticking to it until my husband decided to join me. It's much easier when the whole household jumps on the ol' wagon.

So far, it's been three weeks, and we both feel much better. My eyes and skin are clearer and digestion issues have cleared up. Just before I made the switch I tripped and injured myself pretty badly. I had to have 12 stitches right between my eyes and over my right eyebrow. Since I've gone mostly raw, it's been really weird, though. The cut healed very, very fast, and the scar is diminishing rapidly. Granted I've been apply vitamin E oil to it, but I'm thoroughly convinced that shucking the alcohol I was consuming and powering through tons of raw fruit and veg has helped immensely.

We live in Southern California, so I've been very lucky to have an abundance of great produce at my fingertips. I'm looking forward to posting here. This seems to be one of the livelier, more pleasant boards I've encountered.


  • Hello, welcome!

    I bet it was the raw fruits and veg, as our cells and what we choose to eat to make them makes a larger difference than something topical, in my opinion.

  • awesome that it's helping so much! welcome :)

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