Ive been eating just fruit and veggies everyday, I started eating the oranges ,i remember this happened last time. I ate alot of oranges and I started to get bad cramps, i felt baloated, and i pooped clear liquid. Can someone tell me what it is? Im really worried


  • is it because im eatin too many liquids, i eat 1oo percent raw fruit and veggie-fruits like tomatoe, red bell peppers, no cooked or solid foods.

  • Sweet,

    Maybe your jumping into only fruits and veggies too quick. You were eating some otherstuff like buckwheat or sprouts how was your di gestion then?

    If better, cut back a little on the fruits and veggies and add the buckwheat or other stuff back in for a bit.

  • Could I be allergic to the oranges? I had the dehydrated buckwheat before, it didnt cause this. But when i eat the buckwheat, i feel like i get really bad smelly gas. Sorry about that. Ive been doing really good just eating apples, pears, veggie soup, and grappefruits. as soon i started eating the oranges this started.

  • Okay, got you now. Yes, sounds like the oranges are doing it. That doesn't mean you must be allergic to oranges (though you could be). Maybe you are eating too many of them for your stomach to handle. Cut them out completely. Once your back to normal, try just one. If you still have the problem- I'd say no more oranges.

  • I did eat 2 today but ive been eating them at least 1 a day for three days. It started over again. Ive been eating grapefruits and it didnt cause this problem. could it be to much acidity? I wish i can go back to eating dehydrated buckwheat i just dont know if i can survive on just fruit alone. Can I for long term? Should I eat some cooked lentils , I miss the eziekiel sprouted bread.:(

  • cupcakes revengecupcakes revenge Raw Newbie

    well you don't have to survive on fruit alone. Why don't you try other things in your diet like nuts and sprouted grains and legumes? you could make yourself dehydrated breads and nut cheeses and loads of foods.

  • Id like to eat other things like dehydrated breads and grains, but people are saying fruit and veggie alone is the best way to go. Im sort of getting tired of this!!

    I do feel my best with just fruit alone though. That I have to agree to. I dont even have a dehydrater id have to buy dehydrated food. I used to buy dehydrated buckwheat at 8 dollars a bag.:0 Is buckwheat alkaline . What grain is alkaline. I like to eat an all alkaline diet.

  • Forget about what other people say you should eat! It's your body, not theirs! Go with what you like, what feels good and what has the greatest benefits. For you and you alone. No more "is it OK if" questions! :)

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Some detox by diarrhea is ok but it shouldn't last too long. are you eating any bananas? they can help bind things up.

  • Thanks guys!!! No im not eating any bananas , but it finally stop the next day:) Im happy it passed. It really was bad:0

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