cravings during that time of the month...

Hello, all! I've recently been on a high raw diet, and I am transitioning into 100% raw. It's been really great and I love all of the food that I'm eating, but I have had some extreme cravings due to it being that time of the month for me. I completely caved. I blame this partially on having barely any raw food left in my fridge, and my mom buying soy ice cream, tortilla chips, and popcorn, my three most missed vegan cooked foods. To say the least, I completely binged. And i felt content for about 5 minutes. I feel horrible now, and it really isn't just mental. Though it was mentally comforting, physically i feel sluggish and gross now. My question for all the raw divas out there is : what are some of the things you go to when you're on your period? Some comforting foods that will satiate my severe carve cravings. Any help is greatly appreciated- Thank you!


  • food cravings at that time stink!!!

    My cave foods are popcorn and chocolate, salty and sweet. grapes work a bit for popcorn, and raw chocolate. they also tell me there is raw ice cream. the chips... maybe you can dehydrate some "raw corn tortillas"? i'm no expert, i am just going by what im trying to do, being in transition myself. don't beat yourself up, better to take it out on the soy ice cream then those that you love, LOL.

  • Raw chocolate is a go to for this time. This is the best recipe I've tried:

    I usually halve this amount, use raw cacao powder, and add chopped raw pistachios to the top. It'll get you through the rough times for sure!

    Also, raw chips/crackers of any sort make life easier, especially if you're transitioning or you're not aiming for 100%. Mary's Gone Crackers brand crackers are a good transition food for just this purpose. They're made with seeds (no flour) and gluten-free, but they are baked.

  • cupcakes revengecupcakes revenge Raw Newbie

    durianrider, the female body during her period/PMS time isn't specifically craving more carbs. The current body of research is suggesting that women don't actually have cravings per se. But what they do have is more negative feelings then (like feeling irritable, sad, etc), which in turn makes them crave seritonin, which is found easily in carbs and chocolate.

    So not really to do with "new cells" and I don't think your body is even creating new cells during menstruation as you're shedding uterine lining that has been building up for the month.

    anyway, back to the main point of the thread...

    I definitely make sure I have raw chocolate-y things on hand!! and raw icecream too!

    one of my faves is:

    chip wise, I'm currently obsessed with these:

    definitely hit those salty cravings without the salt that will cause bloating and worsen pms symptoms! and are super easy to make!

    I've found that if I don't have healthy options on hand, i also give in to unhealthy ones and then feel terrible, cramp-wise during my period and candida wise post period (but that last bit is another discussion in and of itself!).

  • "So not really to do with "new cells" and I don't think your body is even creating new cells during menstruation as you're shedding uterine lining that has been building up for the month." I have to agree with you Cupcake Revenge, menstration is when the body releases the uterine lining that was not used that month (otherwords, you didn't get pregnant).

  • cravings for chocolate are undeniable and so fun to fulfill in my opinion but they can also stem from a lack of magnesium so if you up your magnesium from supplements or seaweeds or greens this can help if you would rather not eat the chocolate. Do this before you know the cravings will start coming. Also some helpful tips during this time that i have learned is to be careful about eating broccoli during this time it can increase the bloating, eat parsley it can help with the emotions and water retention (which are connected) and although we all crave salty things try to stir clear of too much salt as it will add to the water retention. raw chips are very exciting and are great for this time bu without the salt I am soooo exciting to read all the other amazing suggestions!!

  • i did some research, i craved chocolate, popcorn, jalepenos, brown rice and chips.

    when i pulled up brown rice, chocolate and jalepenos... i found, magnesium, vitamin c and b vitamins. all things the body would need around that time i guess. so i guess some of it is your body craving vitamins to counteract the other stuff.

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