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the unbakery is up and running!

Hi everyone, some of you here know of my plans to open an unbakery to supply the local vegans and vegitarians and hopefully some raw foodists and many nonraw people with healthy, great tasteing alternatives to their current breads , baked goods and snacks! well, its up and its running! I was able to get into two coffee houses and two markets and one yoga studio, to start but ill be pounding the pavement and adding to my starter web page soon!!! thanks for all the encouragement and ideas! And those of you who contributed name to my products, this is a free pass to get some goodies when you are in town….or send me your addresses and we can experiment on how well fresh food travels!!teehee www.granolasspecialtyfoods.com


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Yeah! I am so proud of you. Your website has a great start…simple and easy to read, and the wording makes everything sound amazing!

  • Awesome work omshanti! You’ve some how crossed that strange bridge of turning an idea into reality.

    Since you already have the website and the products, why not sell online as well?

    website suggestions—

    • nutritional breakdowns of each food. (you should be able to figure that out with the free program ‘cronometer’ or something similar.)
    • ingredients for each product.
    • pictures of each product

    keep us posted on the trials and travails. any funny stories from when you were going to those businesses?

  • Congradulations!! Avo Cado has a great suggestion, if you ever start selling your products online, I will definitely buy some cookies!!

    By the way, very clever with the un-junk food product names, I’d love to try some cornitos! Also, I know you just started with the website, but a picture of your products would make people drool and want to buy right away.

    good luck! and let us know if you decide to sell online.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Congratulations! This is so exciting to see.

  • Congratulations!!! May you have much success! It would be wonderful if you sell on line, I’d place an order for sure! Yummmmmm.

  • Oh wow! This is fabulous – congratulations!!!! I would love to see photos as well, once you are further along. I’d be interested in ordering too!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Wonderful!!! Best of luck to you in your new biz! I’m sure it’ll do great! And the website looks great!

    I’ve always been curious… do you have to follow the same regulations and codes when preparing/selling the raw dishes as compared to regular cooked food??? Did you have to rent a kitchen to prepare it all?

  • Hi Omshanti! That is so great! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  • CONGRATS! That is so brave of you into a business where here in America the fast food rat race wins. You are going to be a HUGE success! If I am ever in your area I will so stop by! Whenever you start a mail order business going I want to order some!!!!!!!!!

  • Congrats Omshanti! How did your great big dehyrator work out for you?

  • YEAY Omshanti! Big, big, big congratulations to you!! I know you’re going to be a success and that soon there’ll be Cafe Omshantis’ everywhere (ok well God willing there will be) I will definately be looking for this web page so that I can A) Drool at the pics B) Tell everyone I know (especially in the raw food circuit) about it and C) Talk the parents into ordering :-) Keep us posted about the progress!! Much love and good wishes – K-Mom

  • edited May 2016

    Omshanti, I’m willing to offer my services to see how well food travels. I live in Texas. 

  • Hi everyone!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! i would have posted earlier but for some reason my server has not liked the Goneraw address the past couple of days! Wow, where do i start? firstly, I am getting some pics done on the 13th at the comm. kitchen to add to the site ,meanwhile ill use some of the ones i posted on here for my recipes… the ingredients list is coming avo and I will definitely post the storys…there have been one or two already! and i had this idea about selling the mixes for my food, ( just add your own blended fruits and veggies!) but then i remembered its the work people dont want! teehee and most do not have dehydrators…... any way om, ill send you some items. look for my email, and there will be ordering available on line soon!!!! still figureing out the order form and payment options plus the cost of shipping overnight…but its feesable so , ill keep everyone posted! kmom , W.E., spirited mama, coconutty and all the rest of you guys are such great energy for me…so supportive and fun! this business will do well in part because of your good vibes! calibama, the BIG deydrator is working great at the commercial kitchen! love the glass door! makes my little excalibur home version inda feel rinky! =) thank you all and i hope to keep you entertained with my trails and tribulations!!! xo

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