What is your cholesterol reading?

What is your cholesterol reading and how raw are you?

Before I was raw, my cholesterol reading was 180 at age 20 and 40. When I went 50% raw and consumed two tables spoons of coconut oil a day, my reading was 160. I quit taking the coconut oil because it condenses at temperatures less than 75.

I have been 50% raw eating no dairy and mostly no meat for the past 3 years. Tell me how your diet is affecting your cholesterol. thanks!


  • I don't remember the exact numbers but think mine was 170, the good and bad cholesterol numbers were in the okay zone too. I tend to eat between 30% and 90% raw, sometimes dairy a few times each week.

    When I was a vegetarian without eating much raw the numbers were not in the healthy zone.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    my bad cholesterol was 110 and my good was 72. I tried to see if you could have too much good since 72 is off the charts but couldn't find that anywhere- so im guessing no

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    When I started the entry, I forgot to say that my cholesterol reading was 223 recently. and I was suprised having had readings of 180 when I had the horrid teenager diet.

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