Cleaning Carrots In Advance?

How do you all prepare your carrots (and similar veggies) in advance?

Hi guys,

I am currently trying to make things easier for me during my typical hectic and busy week. I was wondering how everyone prepares their carrots for smoothies, juices, salads, etc. Would you mind sharing?

How do you prepare your carrots (or similar veggies) advance for your meals? Do you peel all of the outer skin off and then store them away in the fridge and use them whenever you need them, or do you clean as you use them? Or, do you just rinse them off and throw them into the blender without scraping the skin off?

I have not managed accomplish the art of peeling carrots yet, and I was wondering what is the best course of action during the week when time is very limited... especially in the morning! I am sure many of you can relate. ;-)

Thanks for your thoughts/input in advance! :-D


  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    You're gonna like this answer :) You don't need to peel them to juice them! I only peel a little bit off if it looks dirty still. When I get up to get ready for work, I put a bowl of water on the counter and add a couple tablespoons of vinegar in it and let it soak for about 15 minutes while I'm in the shower. When I'm back in the kitchen, I cut off the ends (personal preference, but I know people who juice them greens and all), and throw them in the juicer. The key is to at least rinse the juicer right away because carrots stain.

    I prepare salads before work and throw those veggies into a diluted vinegar bath like the carrots for 15 minutes and rinse well before chopping and throwing them into a bowl. A tip to remember is to keep your oily dressings seperate from the salad. The oil breaks down the food, so throw it on at the last minute.

    Some foods I prepare the night before. I made a big batch of brocolli soup in the blender last night and had leftovers for lunch (stored in an airtight container of course).

  • Hey camiheartsraw!

    Thanks for your advice! Do you think this process would work well for carrots in the smoothies too? I mainly make veggie/green smoothies in the morning, which is where most of my anxiety comes from with all of this. Would it make sense to have the carrots stay in the bowl overnight, just in time for the green smoothie in the morning? I guess once I have more experience while being raw, I will be able to figure out more innovative ways to cut corners and stuff... I already cut fruit up and store that at times just to make meal preparations that much more quick (and painless)... Thanks again! :-)

    I also checked out your blog... very cool! :-D

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