Hey there,

I'm Chad and I hail from Toronto, Ontario.

While I am still a little new to raw/living foods, I have been a vegan chef for nearly 3 years and have been cooking professionally for 8. My transformation to veganism began around 3 to 4 years ago when I was over-over weight, non energetic, and just didn't seem to care about my diet until one day I getting a physical done and my doctor told me that I had to do something about my weight and eating habits (I was vegetarian, but not eating to healthy). I also weighed nearly 340 pounds.

I immediately started eating healthier and started exercising, which started with just walking laps around a forest trail, which eventually lead into cycling.

Around August 2007, I moved to Toronto after I found out that I would be working at the popular vegan restaurant, Fressen and eliminated all animal by-products. I started cycling the city back and forth from work (about 15km a day total) and I noticed myself losing more weight and having more energy, sleeping less and generally I just became happier. By this time I now weighed roughly what I am now, which is about 240 pounds.

Fast forward two and half years, and I now work at a mostly raw vegan restaurant and have found myself falling in love with the raw food movement. The freshness and overall taste of food just seems to amaze me.

I wouldn't consider myself a raw vegan, but I am about 60 percent. But I choose to eat raw most of the time. Being a chef, my girlfriend and I continually eat the most fresh and homemade fare possible. (Although we have our vices, pizza night. Haha.)

Well that's a little bit of me for now, I hope to meet like-minded individuals on this forum and continue my quest for knowledge in the raw food movement.

Thank you!



    Hi Chad!

    I'm from Richmond Hill, so just about 20min north of Toronto. What restaurant do you work? I've only been to Live. Do you work there? Are there any other good raw restaurants that you would recommend?

  • Hey, whoa. It's been a while since I have been on here.

    I currently work at Live and Cruda, the latter being completely raw.

    So I would recommend Cruda (in the St. Lawrence Market) and Rawlicious (in the Junction area)

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