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My name is Jeannie, and I live in Florida. I have been eating 75-90% raw organic vegan fot the past four months, and feebly attempting vegan the past two years. Nothing makes more sense than raw organic vegan!! I love it, but I have had some slips, to say the least. I recently purchased a small book on "The Master Cleanser" it is a cleansing drink that consists of pure maple syrup, lemons, cayenne pepper, and water. I want to go on this to help boost my energy and motivation, and cleanse all the junk out of my system . I am looking forward to it, but was curious if anyone had tried it before? Please reply if yo uhave heard of it or tried it personally, thank you!! This is not a punishing cleanse, but rather a disciplined cleanse/fast that I believe I can do if I put my mind to it. I am ocncerned because I have been known to have weaknesses, and I truly want oto do this for at least ten days, and its possible for people to do it for up to forty days!!

Thanks for the replies, Jeannie


  • Hi Jeannie

    I have done the Master Cleanser and it was successful for me--It's been about a year. I have done it for 14 days and would not recommend it past that.. I am currently on a juice feast to 'reset' my raw palate--After doing this juice feast I can say that I probably would not do the master cleanse again. The master cleanse is boring (same drink every day, all day) A mini juice feast will give you more nutrients and help you detox in a more gentle manner. The juice feast can be done for up to 92 days.

    My mom still does the master cleanse from time to time and loves it!!

    Good luck:)

  • Hey rawcakes. How often do you do a juice fast? And do you feel is refreshes your palate as much as say a master cleanse or water fast?

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    I would much rather do a juice fast. Besides the master cleanse is not raw and in my mind its just not healthy.

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