getting rid of onion smell from dehydrator?

the last recipe i made with my dehydrator was for something high on onions. now whenever i dehydrate something else, the onion smell takes over my house! any suggestions (other than febreeze) to make this stop?


  • Try crumbled up newspapers and leave them in your dehydrator for a few days (not turned on of course). This works for getting nasty smells out of old fridges, so it might work for a dehyrdrator.

  • Wash it with baking soda water, and then maybe leave some loose baking soda on the mat for a few days or with it turned on. It absorbs odors and it is safer than febreeze!

    Also, lemons. MM.. I have roommates and my fridge gets disgusting often. Baking soda and/or spent lemons used to scrub it out gets rid of scent/s.

    Good luck.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    I second the newspapers idea. I was going to post that. This works with a lot of things, like smelly shoes.

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