need all of your help and support - help me with the health strategy

Dear Alls,

it's been a while since i'm more and more interested in raw food movement and i find this discussion board one of the most useful health/food resources ever!

I'm 26 yo, live in a small far away country, have this small raw dairy business and starting up a chocolate production. fun loving, curious, adventurious, like everybody, but not like everybody anymore.

it's been more than a year since i face never ending health issues. I am at this point right now when i feel depression is taking over me and i don't have energy fight back the diseases that are attacking me anymore. It's just that i am doing what i can and it's not enough and i feel really tired emotionally and physically already, but in the depths of the heart i know there is a way but i'm still on a wrong path.

i had these tonsil infections, then i removed them, then somehow i got the prostate inflammation, then uti, been battling for over a year now, now kidneys are inflamed as well. then there is a problem with digestion from huge cocktail of antibiotics and other medicine. So, it seems that soon there will be no healthy organ in my body and i know what that means..

please, i ask for help. could you guys give me directions/strategy/suggestions/advices on getting my health back. i believe that every positive thoughts/ideas/suggestions/words will come back at ya synergetically!

and i think that other people who are facing same problems would appreciate reading all your suggestions, ideas. we have a strong and wise community of people down here, let's help and don't turn back on each other.

sorry if this topic sounds too pesimistic, but i hope it will turn out into really useful and interesting discussion.

blessings to all :)

p.s. maybe it will be possible to send truly amazing raw honey that we collect to some of you guys, as i said - it is synergy :)


  • You have my sympathy, and lots of it! Personally I think you need to trace all your problems back to what started them and work from there. And in the meantime, look after yourself. :)

  • With your serious health issues, I don't think going "cold turkey" raw would be a good idea. How is your diet? What do you eat. If you eat mostly processed food, start to slowly transition to healthier food. A nice big fruit salad for breakfast is many times a good start. I have an elderly relative who's kidney functions where getting very bad (talk of dialysis) and I believe that simple change to her diet made up a big part of her kidney starting to function better again. Please check with your doctor to make sure there is no problem with the fruits you are going to eat (if you have diet restrictions).

    You have my best of wishes for your health. Maybe some meditation or other type of calming practice would help?

  • Thanks bro! it means a lot :)

  • sisterbecky: i try to eat as healthy as possible and tried so many variations already.

    first of all, i did not and am not eating too much raw, except fresh juices everyday and smoothies, salads. i try to use superfoods, exercises, saunas, meditation, fresh air, no smoking/alko, different herbs, natural and unnatural treatments.

    at the moment i'm going to two/three doctors already and i think i need to concentrate more on self-healing, using extreme methods if necesary, like kidney detox, master cleanse, fasting.. but i don't have the system, where to start, what to combine, what to include, extreme! my last chance

  • I would look into high fruit low fat raw, all whole foods, no juices, oils, supposed superfoods, no nuts, no seeds, no salts, no syrups, no seaweeds, no dried crap, certainly no animal products (including honey) and no cooked foods.

    Eat health giving sweet fruits in abundance and green leafy vegetables.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I'm a little worried that all fruit and leafy green vegetables might bring on cleansing too fast--especially if you're currently taking antibiotics and/or other meds. I've had trouble when I tried to juice fast when ill--it wasn't what my body wanted. For me, when I'm run down, I need extra nutrition.

    However, I think that cutting out any foods that you think might be causing you harm is a great first step. Gluten and dairy are two of the most common problem foods, but things like soy, corn, and even strawberries and oranges are also very common allergens.

    I'd think that cleansing the colon would be a good idea--whether through salt water flushes, enemas, herbal laxative teas, or just having plenty of fluids and dried fruits. There are also lots of herbal formulas out there for cleansing UTIs and fortifying your liver. is a good site for info about simple treatments that have worked for people, and they don't sell anything at all. I also think Dr. Schulze (nutritionist who then became an MD) products are very good, though of course he's selling things: . His stuff is pricy, so if money is a concern, you may want to try simpler remedies first.

    Plenty of greens are almost certainly going to do you good. Bitter greens are especially cleansing. Epsom salt baths can also help relax you and draw toxins out of your body.

    But if you have a method of healing that you feel drawn to intuitively, that's probably the method for you.

  • Zippah, if you'd like the book on the Master Cleanse, just email me and I'll send it to you:

    I agree with others about jumping into stuff that will cause heavy detox. Before I tried the Master Cleanse, I was already in the habit of doing short water-only fasts, and I think that really helped me get through the first few days of a 10-day cleanse. There are sooooooo many benefits to fasting and I think it's a great habit to get into for a lifetime. I go from Friday after dinner, through Saturday, until Sunday morning. It's usually between 32-36 hours total. Then I start out with some juice or green smoothie. :)

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Hi Zippah,

    I have systemic lupus and have had some serious digestive issues because of parasites and antibiotics (I got the parasites from eating fruit from a grocery store....what are the odds?). I've also had interstitial cystitis and several other issues in the past. For me personally (and everyone is different) I found that most of my health problems were made worse by exposure to things I was allergic to. I eliminated a lot of allergens from my diet and started feeling better. When I switched to raw, there was a short detox period for me (I was already on a whole foods cooked diet with no processed/pre-made foods what-so-ever). Here's a link to my blog:

    I'm not selling anything, just sharing my experiences while trying to obtain better health. I'm doing pretty well right now. I still get some aches and pains, but I've had energy to work in the yard and the depression hasn't been an issue. It's been great to feel happy for no reason :) I do take some non-traditional medications (nystatin to kill the candida overgrowth from the antibiotics and low dose naltrexone for my schitzophrenic immune system). Some raw foodists look down on that and think raw food done right would be enough. I view it as temporary while I learn what works best for my body and hope they are right. A friend was talking me into a low glycemic diet and green juice fast to help restore the intestinal flora, and I am still researching it. I love fruit so much it's hard to picture, but it might be the right thing to do.


  • superfood2: for how long do you suggest eating high fruit/veg excluding other things? and one more question, if there could be a problem when consuming sugars, as i know that bacteria could feed on that sugar (even if its fructose). what are your thoughts on that?

  • Dear Cami,

    thank you for this detailed answer, it was nice reading it.

    fist of all, i would like to ask how did you manage to find out to what are you allergic to? just eliminating or food tests?

    I'm really happy that you are doing great right now! I think person can learn how to deal with his problems and to maintain it forever!

    best wishes,


  • ambigious:

    thank you for informative reply!

    I am not taking any antibiotics or strong medicine at the moment, just random herbal stuff.

    You are absolutely right about getting to my colon, it's been horrible digestion for a while now, just need some extra tests to find out what happened.

    one thing about fasting makes me think that it might be a way: some time ago i did a short 2 day juice fast and it reduced urge to urinate to the minimum. could somebody explain, why that happened? this seem to be doing something that i don't understand fully but has a strong impact. when i came back to proper food, symptoms kinda returned.

  • For how long? For as long as you want to be healthy. I wouldn't suggest limiting the healthy things you put into your body or just doing it for a while, only to put junk in it later.

    I don't know about the bacteria feeding on fructose, sounds like BS to me. Or too much fat in your bloodstream.

  • just for those who face similar problems: all kind of sport activities (especially outdoors) really do their job, i guess by increasing blood flow in organs, some symptoms disappear for a while, others reduce as well.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Zippah: Juice fasting can help your body reduce inflammation, which might be why your kidney symptoms improved during your fast. If you think you're ready to fast, it's a great way to heal. I would recommend taking grapefruit seed extract or colloidal silver to help your body fight infection during the fast--it sounds like you've got a pretty serious infection.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    I have an enormous amount of respect for your strength and you bravery to come out and share your issues and open yourself up to receive positive energy!

    I do not have any food suggestions, but maybe some metaphysical ones

    Talk to your body..Tell it that you are ready for healing, and try to sit in a quiet space to listen for some answers. Try to avoid unpleasant situations and stress, surround yourself with happiness and light hearted, laughing people. We are all energy and thats why we all try to eat as much raw food as possible (because of the enzymes) that the closest to pure energy for your body that you can get. Your body does not tell your brain what to do, your brain tells your body, so talk to it and make it aware of what you want from it. Try to release build up of bad situations or built up anger, because that alone can cause much dis-ease.

    I hope this helps...

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    The most accurate testing I've found is provocative skin testing, or injecting a miniscule amount of the allergen under the very top layers of the skin. In absence of a doctor who can do this, blood tests will usually catch the major allergies if you insist on an IGG and IGE test. Just IGE reads the immediate reaction and misses a lot of the intolerances or delayed reactions that can also be an issue.

  • ambigious, thanks for advice! will be preparing for juice fasting, just don't know for how long yet, as long as possible, i'm too skinny already :)

    will buy GSE for sure

  • dreasraw, thank you for beautiful respond. it is well documented, that stress worsens things, so i try to be as relaxed, as possible. even to see myself from a third person position. will try to implement your suggestions to my strategy

  • camiheartsraw, will try to figure out who does reliable allergy testing. thank you for the tips!

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