what are your thoughts on tea? i am absolute tea connoisseur, i adore the stuff. i drink at least six cups a day. at the moment i'm only drinking herbal and white, occasionally green. i'm easing into the raw lifestyle, however, and i don't know where tea fits into that. tea seems to have a lot of health benefits, but the leaves are already processed and then they have to be boiled. thoughts?


  • Hey,

    I posted about this the other week as I adore a good cup of tea too and quite a few raw foodies seem to drink it too. I only drink green and detox tea, obviously no milk in it or anything. And like you said there's lots of health benefits, so I would say drink away :)

  • I'm the same way: drinking multiple cups every single day. Keep a stash at work; keep some in my purse for on the go days.... :-) Take two mugs and a thermos on professional development days.... I don't see any issues with it, personally. And if you're purchasing good quality tea, the leaves are pretty minimally processed.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    drink away, tea has a multitude of health benefits and its best to choose the lower caffiene types of tea such as white.

    herbal teas are great some that are brilliant are nettle leaf, dandelion, artichoke(great for liver aswell with dandelion), jiaogulan(adaptogen).


  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    i say drink up as well. i drink lots of herbal teas and some black, green and yerba mates on occasion.

    You can make raw herbal teas by growing/drying your own herbs and them brewing them in a sun tea pitcher on your porch.

  • just make sure you are buying tea from companies that don't bleach their tea bags. Yogi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, Tulsi Tea use either unbleached or oxygen bleached bags, which is fine. i usually buy those brands.

    whole foods brand does use bleached tea bags. of course you could just invest in a tea ball or a strainer and buy loose leaf tea. even better, start making your own blends, custom made for your own taste/desired health benefit. mountain rose herbs is a good company.

    ive found that brewing at slightly lower temperatures (like 160F) makes a tea that feels more "alive" than if you use boiling hot water.

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