Raw for 30 days


So I'm going to try and go raw for 30 days. I start tomorrow. I already have fruits cut up and salads made. I also made some green smoothies. Wish me luck!


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    you're gonna do great!!!!

    in regards to your profile name, i tried a kumquat for the first time a few nights ago during a midnight trip to the grocery store. i was just bumming around with my friend and i opened a container of kumquats because everyone on here talks about them. i popped one in my mouth and my whole face went sour!!! ahaha they are so bitter. i had to spit it out in the trash can.

  • LOL! Your so funny. I tried one today for the first time and i fell in love. Its sour at first and then it turns super sweet. Its so cool. Don't spit it out next time.

  • I just went fully raw 5 days ago... I'm loving it so far!

  • That's so good. I'm really hoping I can last that long. Today is my first day.

  • I'm going for 3 months myself. What has been the biggest challenge for you thus far?

  • Well I'm trying to keep us interested so I'm going for the more complicated recipes. I feel like I am in the kitchen all day. I don't have any time for my family. And temptation is getting to me. Especially when none of my family are doing it. Well i should be happy my husband is still with me.

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