Master cleanse questions!!

Hey everyone. I am considering doing the master cleanse for 10 days. I've seem to hit a road block in my weight loss. No matter what I do I just keep yo-yoing 5 pounds. back & forth. back & forth. back & forth.

So the situation is I have little money. So I can't really afford to buy a cleanse kit or books explaining exactly what to do. I already have MOST of the stuff. I can only find so much information I can trust on websites. But I trust you guys.


The detox requires cayenne pepper capsules, lemons, maple syrup, sea salt, peppermint tea, green tea, smooth move tea by traditional medicinals & pure water.

From what i understand:

Ease in:

Day 1:eat raw

Day 2:just juice

Day 3:Diluted Orange juice

and after im done with the detox i ease out...

Day 1: Diluted Orange juice

Day 2: just juice

Day 3: eat raw

What I need to know is how do i do the detox. When and How do i use each of the ingredients. & Measurements!!

Your help would be fabulous because I haven't been feeling very well lately and I'd like to remedy that as soon as possible. Thanks Guys!


  • You should not use cayenne capsules, cayenne powder is added directly to the drink. Also, no green tea. You can have the mint tea if you want, that's really just to have something different. It's up to you if you want to ease in to the fast. If you think you will have heavy detox, it might be a good idea. But it's not really necessary. It *is* necessary, though, to break the fast gently like you described.

    If you email me at I'll send you the original booklet by Stanley Burroughs. It gives all the directions and information you need. :)

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