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  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Although I completely agree that agave is unhealthy because it is basically devoid of healthy nutrients, I just want to mention that Mercola has started an anti fructose campaign. He thinks fructose is the devil when it comes to health. But in all reality he only thinks this way do to studies done on the human consumption of fructose, however all of the fructose used was a bunch of processed crap. I won't go into details but when they produce fructose for commercial use they isolate it as thoroughly as possible and its just as much crap as white sugar. The thing he never seems to realize is that he supports the regular intake of fruit...fructose is fruit sugar! As we all know fruit is not the enemy here however isolated sweeteners such as agave is.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Here's an article I wrote about raw sweeteners in general:




  • Well, what are the best things to use as sweetners then?

    Thank you :)


  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    I personally use fruit juices, some of the members on this site use raw honey. Both are healthier choices.

  • sv3sv3

    Date paste is good. To make your own, soak dates and blend with a dash of water.

    Ripe bananas are another way to add sweetness.

  • 00 Raw Newbie

    I've read that Dr. Mercola article, too. He does present some valid points, but vilifying fructose as a whole is definitely contradictory to him advocating fruit-eating. I agree with kurite that refined sugar (including agave) is the real culprit. Only using whole and easily digestible foods is how you can help prevent unhealthy side effects and diseases. I also agree with sv3 that whole fruits used as sweeteners is the way to go. I love using dates (as a paste/syrup the way sv3 describes) as sweeteners in my "special-occasion-only" raw nut-based desserts.

  • I use David Favor's Agave.

    I really like his products.

    Has anyone else used any of them.

    What do you think of his agave?

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