How much fibre?

Hey guys,

Im new to this forum and have a question...

Whats your opinion on TOO MUCH FIBRE?

There are studies showing that too much fibre (the definition of "too much" varies but the recommended daily amount is 25g minimum and 35g for cancer prevention and they are saying anything over that is too much) can DECREASE nutrient absorption. Particularly minerals such as zinc and calcium.

I track my diet everyday and since ive gone high raw im getting at least 45g and yesterday I got 67g of fibre...

I do not take supplemental fibre, its all from fruit, nuts, seeds and veg.


how much fibre do you guys get in a day and do you think it may be decreasing your absorption of nutrients?


  • If anything, more fiber will make nutrients more available for absorbtion. I've never calculated my fiber intake, but I'm not worried about it at all.

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    GC there have been plenty of studies saying that to much fiber does block the absorption of certain nutrients.

    If you don't want to read the whole thing the last paragraph explains more on what im saying.

    MixedSpice unfortunately I dont have an answer for you other than people here seem to be doing fine on extremely high fiber diets, may because everything is raw?

  • From info (including kurite's link) I've seen it can be a problem in extreme cases. IF switching to raw "cold turkey" gives you digestive distress, I'm guessing that yes, your defeating the purpose if you are losing everything down the toilet. I'm often surprised that people don't see these "detox" symptoms as bad, and try to ride them out instead of transitioning at a pace their digestive system can handle.

    My guess would be, what you feel healthy with (fiber amount). If you are healthy on 100% raw, then it's probably not a problem. If you are "failing to thrive" then maybe that's something to consider.

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