Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

Tell us about your tastes! I like a lot of fast dark brutal heavy stuff (balances out my pleasant calm demeanour I suppose) - grind, crust, some metal, hardcore - but I like ska and punk too, along with some classical and weird-for-the-sake-of-it kind of stuff. My current listening - (the one with the Easpa Measa interview).


  • akinagroakinagro Raw Newbie

    Almost everything rock, indie and jazz all the way here :)

    I do like some electronica as well.

  • sweetsweet Raw Newbie

    I love all kinds of music, from, classical, rock, trance, techno, dance ,and some pop.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Metal, Opera, Goth, industrial, Dark-wave, New Wave/New Romantic, Electronic, Rock-n-roll (meaning 50's and 60's rock), Ragtime, lots of things. :) I have long wondered of everyone's aural tastes.

  • Definately a metalhead. lol. Heavy/black/death metal mostly. Also like harmonic metal that's more like opera as well once in a while. Not at all a fan of rap, hip hop, country, most rock, or alternative. Sometimes I like super uplifting stuff like Singing Bear and Jack Johnson. Though I'm picky with my music I've extremely devoted and die-hard. lol. Aren't we all though.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    I have obsessions from time to time and they always change. Right now, I listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack non-stop. It's coming to Pittsburgh in August and I must see it!! I really love score music from movies, too. X-ray Dog is one of my favorites.

  • olliepope80olliepope80 Raw Newbie
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    My first exposure toward BTS was during 'Dope' era. Back then, I wasn't into K-Pop yet but lots of K-Pop fans got into BTS during that era. I always enjoy any kind of music so whenever one of my friends play their song, I would jam on it and sometimes hum along. Fast forward a few years and I became an avid K-Pop listeners. The one that makes me glance at BTS (bts merch accessories) was 'Blood, Sweat, & Tears' and the one got me hooked was 'Spring Day'. I begun doing my research and felt touched from all their hardship, messages, and their love toward ARMYs. Sadly, I felt that I've lost my connection musically with them since 'Boy with Luv'. I'm not an ARMY anymore but as a group and a person, I love them and wish them all the best. I guess it's hard to explain to people who doesn't know and doesn't care to learn about them why do I love them as I do now. All I can say is that they makes me feel good. Even when I don't like what they make, I'd still appreciate it.

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