Nasea, Sinus Headache, Vibrating Feeling... Detoxing?

I've been having problems with bouts unexplainable nausea, fluid in my ears, dizziness, low grade fever, hot flashes, enlarged lymph nodes and other random ailments for over a year now and my doctors have never been able to diagnose me. These symptoms seem to happen for no apparent reason and I am usually told I have "something viral" and that it will go away on its own. The fact this happens once every 1-2 months doesn't seem odd to my doctors. I decided to try going mostly raw to see if it would help. It's my belief from over a year of trying to listen to my body that I have a lot of junk in my body that it can't get rid of, including a lot of hormones from outside sources or something interfering with my natural hormones. A lot of my symptoms mirror hormonal problems. I now use a non-hormonal birth control which seems to have helped but not cured the problem. I've also had moderate acne since I was 14-15, with flare ups on my chin before my period and short periods of clearer skin after my period starts.

Today is my 6th day raw. I've been experiencing mild headaches and fatigue since my 3rd day raw. Yesterday, on my 5th day raw, I had a sever sinus headache that didn't get better with rest. Today I'm very nauseated and walking around the house makes it worse. My ears are popping a lot and sometimes I have a mild ear ache or sore throat. I also feel kind of... buzzy. I can't really explain it but my body feels like it's vibrating. I've heard this could be a good thing, but right now it feels odd. It seems like it's too soon to be detoxing, but I really have no idea!

I haven't eaten yet, frankly I have no desire to eat, but I figured I should have a bit of fruit and drink lots of water.

Maybe to people who have detoxed before this is a clear sign that a detox is happening, but I've never detoxed that I know of and I'm so used to having weird, unexplainable illnesses I don't know what to think anymore. I've given up on going to the doctor for answers, I never get any. What does it sound like to you all?

On a positive note, I don't want to jinx myself but my skin is looking clearer today. Very few things I have every tried have helped at all, so any improvement is worth celebrating. :)

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