going back high raw!

rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

Thats right!

my hubby and I are going back high raw after a long. dark. internal. winter. it's been a rough year and we have decided to go back. not 100%. we enjoy cooked whole grains but high raw. I am on a 2-3 day juice cleanse.

Does anyone remember how long it takes for your tastebuds to renew?

Anyways im so excited. this is day two and i woke up this morning with a headache and very dizzy, in fact im still dizzy.

just wanted to share :)


  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    Congrats! Would you mind sharing what you are drinking on your cleanse? I loooooove the Master Cleanse, but am thinking about trying something less irritating to the gut than lemon juice and cayenne since I'm trying to heal it!

    I would think that, since you've been high raw before, it wouldn't take as long for your taste buds to revert. And it's quite possible that doing the cleanse will do the trick all by itself. I love juice fasting as a way to just clean the slate and start over! ;)

  • That's awesome! My husband and I are doing the same thing. We were high raw for a month (after many years as whole food vegans), but stumbled a bit recently. As I'm sure you know, feeling like crap once you know what feeling good is like is no fun and a good boost in the right direction.

    I have read and heard over an over again from a variety of sources that after 2 weeks of doing anything (e.g., eating a certain way, exercising, not smoking) you can pretty much get used to anything, including revamping your taste buds.

    As an aside for the cleanse issue, my husband fasts usually twice yearly on water only. He will do this for about 5-10 days each time. We work at the same place, so I drive us to and from each day and generally look out for him; although nothing bad has ever happened. During the fasts, when he's not at work he rests quietly at home. He has nothing but positive things to say about doing this and the water fasts have helped him overcome a variety of digestive issues, cravings, and some fibromyalgia symptoms.

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