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a really RAW recovery

I am supposed to have my tonsils taken out at the end of the month and am scared to death about it. Looking on the bright side, though, this may be an opportunity for me to do a realllllly lonnnnnnnng (and painful) juice fast.

Currently, I drink Green Lemonade every day, but I know the lemon juice won’t be an option for a long while after the surgery.

Does anyone have any recommendations for what to drink or eat during my recovery?


  • Frozen coconut milk would be good. Cucumber that is blended or juiced. Hemp powder smoothies would be good because they are high in protein. Add ginger it is supposed to help with healing and pain. I hope you get well soon!

  • Fantastic advice! I will definitely give all of those a try—Thank you!

  • What’s in your green lemonade? I agree with you about going on a long juice fast, also it will help pull out the toxins from the anesthesia. Just put together every kind of juice that you can tolerate with lots of ginger and garlic

  • I ALWAYS use two Granny Smith apples and 1-2 lemons, depending on how big they are. From there, anything goes: kale, beets, romaine, bell pepper, any greens my mother gives me from her garden… I just keep throwing everything into my vegetarian slot machine—I mean my juicer—until I’ve got enough to fill my 32-oz mug (along with some ice cubes.) Fun stuff!

  • i had my tonsils removed when i was 9 … its deff. not that much of a scary thing .. u just go to sleep and when u wake up .. voila! ur all done lol :D dont worry about it!

    i ate alot of ice cream when i came out of it because it was really soothing .. so try to make ur self some raw ice cream (ice cream makers are quite cheap) freese bananas and make cold shakes and so on .. good luck!

  • I suppose you have extra body parts? I’m not sure why doctors tell people they need a body part removed that is functioning right and belongs in our body. Oh, yeah, they need to make the mortgage payments on their mansion in Monte Carlo. Besides that reason there really is no real reason. It’s not really my business but did you fully exploit all other options before you decided to do this?

  • I have to agree with SocaL.. from what I’ve heard (and seen) people who’ve had there tonsils removed have a weaker immune tolerance than those who still have them. Your tonsils are actually part of your immume system (even if the docs won’t tell you this) and if they continously swell and cause a problem then the problem isn’t with them it’s with something that is activating them (like when you have an infection and your lymph nodes do their thing and swell a bit) From what I’ve read they are really like a early warning/flashing red light that something is not right in your body.. But of course it’s just like ANY typical Western medicine alopathic doctor to not tell you/not try to find out what is causing the swelling and simply yank them out for a pretty penny. (I mean does it REALLY have to cost $40,000 to take out two walnut sized glands from someone’s throat? It’s not like you have to saw them in half or anything!!) It’s just my little own personal opinion but if I was in your place I’d be exhausting EVERY possiblity (cleanses, herb therapy – by the way honey and cinnamon are renouned the world over for their healing properties – acuepuncture/acuepressure, ect) before I let some scaple-weilding stranger slice into me and take out a body part.. Good luck though.. Try adding black seeds/black seed oil to your juices post-op to help boost your immune syste, dates are a natural pain killer, like I mentioned before honey and cinnamon are amazing, garlic to help protect you from infections… other than that I’d invest in alot of ice cube trays and make mini-pops from natural juices so I had something to suck on in between meals (or is it drinks in this case??) Take care K-Mom

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