Healing Leaky Gut & aloe vera

Hi all,

I searched the forums about aloe vera juice, but didn't see any previous mention of its use in healing the gut. From what I've read, it can really soothe inflammation (along the same lines of slippery elm bark and marshmallow root) and promote healing of the intestinal lining. I've been drinking some in the morning when I first get up, mixed with a bit of 100% juice I have on hand for the kids, normally I don't drink that! Since I have to run to work at that time and don't eat for a couple more hours, I figured that would be the most beneficial time to take it. I was excited to read about all the other benefits too. Just curious if anyone has any other info or experiences to share on this!

(Just to re-cap, I was diagnosed with MS a little over 2 years ago after an episode of optic neuritis in which I was completely blind in one eye for several weeks. Then I started having lots of other symptoms, but I got rid of them all with diet, acupuncture, herbs, etc. However, I still develop new food allergies and want to get this gut healed. The only time I feel any kind of MS stuff, like tingling and numbness, is when I eat something I react to. Would be nice to completely rid myself of this problem and declare myself cured! lol)


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    aloe vera is a decent herb to use, i like licorice root for healing the gastrointestinal tract.


  • I can't have licorice root, it's a legume. And I can't take L-glutamine because people with MS already have excess glutamate in the brain, an excitotoxin suspected of causing cellular death. :( Sooooooo, my options are limited, much like my diet!

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