Piercings and holistic jewelry

Hey everyone!

Strange question... I know that there is jewelry out there that can help guard you against all the various electrical currents and waves and they usually are sold as pendants or bracelets. Does anyone know of body jewelry that has similar healing/protecting capabilities? Or any specific metals that do?



  • this would be really cool to know! I've been looking for organic/body friendly body jewlery. I have bamboo plugs but beyond that it's all synthetics, and I want to replace them with something natural but I'm not quite sure if that exists.

  • I just read somewhere that gold is supposed to have some healing properties, but I can't find a good source yet.

  • Due to the economic recession we had in the past years, most of the people are cutting cost on different aspects. However, when it comes to fashion, people are still looking for the best. Jewelry (Wood Jewellery) is also one such aspect that people are looking for.

  • I make holistic jewelry with healing gemstones and crystals.

    Custom orders are welcome if you do not see the gemstone you want listed.



    -The White Light Boutique

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    hmm, I wear gold chains in my ears. All other metals irritate me.

  • I saw a few pieces of their new collection. And they have some beautiful designs , this was a smart move starting to sell gold and diamonds , with gold prices going up they should make a fortune.

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