i feel it's hard for me to stay raw because im just contrarian in nature. if someone says its good for me and i should do it, i don't want to. maybe if they said that raw was bad i'd want to do it. i don't understand myself.


  • I am my own worst enemy...

    No one is more contrary by nature than myself. I understand myself less as each day passes.

    But I'm still Raw.

    There is only one way to start raw for you, and that is slowly and without guilt. Eat whatever you want! Start incorporating more raw fruits, green smoothies, etc. An apple a day, maybe two. Even a small change makes a world of difference. Rome wasn't built in a day! Don't hate yourself or argue with yourself over food. Its just food! All it does is keep you alive! You have two choices... eat to live or eat to just eat.

    Being a contrary person, perhaps this approach will help... you can't do it, you will fail, and this diet isn't for you.

    A little reverse psychology never hurt anyone... I think.

  • joojoo

    i'll just tell myself that raw food is bad for me. heh.

  • Raw food is bad for you.

    It will turn your life upside down. Trust me, you don't want to do this. You will have all sorts of annoying energy. You'll never get sick which means no more doctors notes to get you out of class or work. You will stop eating out which sucks, because who doesn't like wasting money on expensive SAD food? You'll decrease your carbon footprint, which is awful because who doesn't like killing the earth with each bite of cage-raised chicken? All of you so-called friends will constantly pester you about your ripped abs. You'll have to start avoiding your stove which is so sad, because of all the appliances, the stove is the only one with feelings. You'll find yourself taking the long way through the kitchen just to avoid eye contact with your ex-stove. Uh... being raw sucks. Its so.... um, well..... perfect.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    maybe you're limiting yourself by labeling yourself like that. just start saying you're someone who does what it takes

  • sv3sv3

    Tell your friends and family you want to go raw - they will think you're some kind of freak, tell you not to be so stupid and that you shouldn't do it. That may help you! :-)

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