What Vits do raw vegans need to make sure they get?

I already know of B12 (i think i have some B12 vits around here somewhere), but are there any other kind of deficiencies that raw vegans should be aware of? If so what are sulitions to these?

Also : is it healthy to eat mostly fruit? personally i'm not big on greens and the thought of eating salad everyday really turns me off..

i'd really appreiciate any feedback, =)

~ Erica


  • oops I did mean solutions*

  • Vitamin D is also a possible problem for some vegans. We get D from the sun, and also egg yokes (not vegan). Sun is not as much of an option for some of us because of where we live. So, if you don't get out in the sun a lot, or eat eggs, I would consider adding vitamin D as a supplement.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    vitamin D as has been said is one of the major ones along with B12 as you know.

    It doesnt just stoop to vitamins though, minerals such as iodine also can be pretty low unless seaweeds are consumed regularly.


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