Eat lots or limit myself?

I have been high raw for about 2 weeks and i've decided today it's time to go full raw.

I want to make sure I don't binge on nonraw things tonight, because this is what happened the previous times I attempted going raw. Do you think it's ok if I eat a large amount of calories on my first week or so of adjusting to raw? I know i'll gain some weight but I want to make sure I don't binge on this attempt. (Although the goal of my raw diet does include losing weight.)

I'm also curious as to your vegetable/fruit ratio. I'm only a teen so I can't afford to eat 5 fruits every meal, it's really expensive. Would eating half fruit and half vegetable and the remaining 5-10% in nuts be an ok sounding plan?

Thanks all!


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    I'm just speaking from my experiences, but I started out eating more calories than I normally would and indulged on the "raw gourmet" foods. Now I very rarely have a piece of raw "cheese"cake and my calorie count is closer to normal. I do notice on days that I haven't had enough calories at work, I come home and binge - fortunately it's on raw food because I threw out or had my husband eat the stuff I love and turn to when starving. I tend to eat a lot of fruit in the morning and then move to more greens and seeds later in the day. I'm not sure why, but it tends to work for me. I bring a shopping bag of food with me to work and spend the day snacking on fruit and have a humongous salad for lunch (I just got really teased for that - fortunately I think it's funny too).


  • Yes, I'd say it's definitely okay, especially because you've been struggling with it. If you're worried about too many calories, maybe have carrots, melon, celery or something low-cal on hand.

    I ate more too when I started out (although I didn't have anything gourmet), then I got used to it and went back to normal. It was an adjustment, and I think I ate a lot not because I was hungry, but just because I was craving other things and felt unsatisfied.

    After that it was fine, so if eating a lot helps you get through the transition, go for it. Also, I did lose weight without restricting myself.

    Your plan sounds fine- I eat fruit for breakfast, 2 green salads a day on most days (with oil, vinegar, sometimes nuts), & fruit for snacks, and that works for me. Good luck :-)

  • Never "limit" yourself, you should always be doing what is best, whether its eating more or less. Whatever you choose, be positive and feel good about it.

  • i agree :) . eat well and enjoy. sometimes you need a little.. sometimes you need a lot. definatley don't go nuts with the nuts (hee hee, yes, i'm a geek) or the oils, trust me , speaking from experiance, big fat tummy ache, and the next day feels rough too. cheers and fun with food :)

  • What they said! I really don't think calories matter TOO much if you FEEL you eat enough. (ONLY if you're eating mostly fruits and veggies, and limiting to a very small amount of nuts and oils/fats) Don't stress over it. :)

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