Soaking HElP!!

Hi, I just bought a bag of organic mung beans, I soaked them for the full 12 hours and only some soaked the rest are all hard seeds:(

I dont understand why they dont all soak. I remember from another brand I bought it all soaked. this is the second batch i soaked and still not all soaked. What should I do?


  • I always sprout mung beans, I would never eat them just soaked - only sprouted and cooked.

    Try sprouting them for a couple of days :)

  • Yup I always sprout them once soaked, but this time no all soaked thats the problem:S. If they dont all soak they dont all sprout, ill end up chewing up hard seeds accidently:S it can be dangerous:o

  • I don't usually soak them before sprouting - I just rinse them twice daily, and have never had any that didn't sprout.

  • I thought you had to soak them before sprouting, soaking makes the beans more easier to digest and releases the toxins etc.

  • As far as I know - when it comes to legumes at least - the rinsing and sprouting does what the soaking would do.

  • but wouldnt they be to hard to eat if not soaked, id like to try that. just rinsing and sprouting without soaking see how it turns out. Is it easy to digest?

  • They soften as they sprout.

    I've been eating them like that all my life - it's they way my mom used to sprout them when I was a kid, and I've never had problems digesting them.

    It's also saves time and water :)

  • I always soak mung beans before sprouting. I would guess you got a bad batch. Maybe they are old or were exposed to heat in transit. Try again!

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