Cracker and Cookie Recipes?

Now that I've had to cut all wheat out of my diet, bread, crackers, cookies, biscuits etc, Im trying to find alternatives to all these so what are you're best cracker recipes, I've tried some before but they were chewy I want something crunchy, so got any good ones?


  • What I eat as a cereal or snack during the day is dehydrated buckwheat. you can make raw flax crackers with herbs. Raw bread with flax and sunflowerseeds. You can make banana buckwheat cookies or date nut cookies, theres so many to make gluten free and wheat free.:) Kale chips dehydrated is another crunchy snack youll enjoy!!

  • sv3sv3


    These are some of my favs:

    Crazy Bread Crackers -

    If you spread the mixture quite thin and dehyrdate for a while they turn crispy.

    Carrot crackers -

    These are blummin lovely!

    Pumpkin Bread -

    Hope this helps!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Matt Amsden's Rawvolution has an excellent apple cookie recipe. It's sliced and grated apples, ground almonds, raisins, agave and cinnamon. All of my non raw food friends go crazy over them. Crackers are one of my favorite things to make. I love the crazy bread crackers. But, my favorites are easy. I use pulp from my juicer, either mixed vegetable or all carrot. I add soaked buckwheat, enough chia to hold it together and a little salt. I spread them on a teflex sheet, score them and let them dry. They turn out very crunchy and delicious. I have flavored them various ways before, but have decided that all they need is a little salt.

    Carrot pulp is my newest favorite food. I make it into a salad as well as these crackers. I use the juice to make popsicles, I have a freezer full right now. I just mix in some fruit juice and they are delicious.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    my faves are the raw cheeze-its and raw ritz. raw cheeze-its are on here and raw ritz are from here:

  • I second the kale chips. Those hit that crunchy, salty, crispy type of craving really well. And depending on your seasonings, it can hit that sweet/salty spot just right. I'm a kettle corn fanatic; if I buy a bag, I eat the whole friggin' thing in a day. Kale chips take care of that craving in a much healthier, happier way, at least for me....

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