I found these really nice ripe bananas, they were so delicious and sweet!!!! It was a totall dessert. Are bananas low glycemic and are they alkaline?

Would it be ok to add bananas on a low glycemic and alkaline diet?


  • any good raw recipes low glycemic, and alkaline with bananas?

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Nearly all fresh, ripe fruit (including bananas and even lemons) are alkaline and/or alkaline-forming. Plums and cranberries are both acid-forming.

    Bananas' glycemic index is actually somewhat controversial--some say it's actually high-glycemic. I've seen numbers from 51 (high side of low-glycemic) to 56 (medium). I saw one source that said 80, but that was just the one place, and it could be wrong. Some diabetics find they can't eat them at all without a significant spike in blood sugar. I'd suggest having bananas with lower-glycemic foods to be on the safe side if you're trying to follow a low-glycemic diet.

    There are some good banana ice-cream recipes on here, like this basic one:

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