Excited to be connected

Hello All

I am excitingly starting my raw journey once again. I was 75% raw for a year 2 1/2 years ago and during that time I lost 30 Ibs, was slim, fit, and full of energy. I was even about to begin training to participate in a triathlon. However at the end of the year I got very sick with a desert disease called valley fever. It really did a number on me and took a good year to fully recover from this. After getting well I had fallen in a real funk and did not return to my healthy life style. I now over the past 2 years have gained the weight I lost plus some and am finally at a place again where I feel motivated and inspired to live a raw foods life style once again. I am starting my journey more slowly and gathering more information this time in hopes to create a more sustainable way of living for myself.

I look forward to hear from all and sending all my best wishes out there!


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