Apes digestive system

Hey Im all for raw veganism and possibly eventually 80/10/10 but don't understand something. If great apes are vegans than why do their digestive system differ from ours so greatly?


  • Fruit Noms,

    I believe the justification for veganism (or vegetarianism) that our closest relatives (chimps) are vegetarian doesn't really hold water scientifically. Same for the claim that ancient humans where too. There are still ethical, religious, or health reasons that may prompt you to be vegan (or vegetarian for me).

    Here's an interesting article by Dr. McArdle, he is a vegetarian and currently Scientific Advisor to The American Anti-Vivisection Society. He is an anatomist and a primatologist. I found the article on the vegetarian resource group site, so it's not "meat or dairy propaganda:-)" He discusses those type of questions.


  • Apes are not vegans. A huge part of their diets are made up of fruit and greens, but they also eat bugs and small rodents.

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Chimps aren't vegans either, when they can get meat, they eat it.

  • i would have to ditto sisterbecky and the other above comment's, but above all, my question: are you searching for justification for veganism? or just curious as to that theory behind it? there are soo many other awesome reasons for being vegan! :)

    better for the environment...better for human health...helps to offset the damage caused (to ourselves and the environment) by the swollen meat industry....


  • Im more looking for justification, as I already firmly believe that veganism is a very important step for our population to start promoting. However I don't like the idea that no land animal on earth as far as I know doesn't eat some sort of flesh or bugs.

  • FruitNoms,

    One can choose to be vegan, and not need to really justify it. I know people ask questions, but you are not obligated to give a big answer. You can always just say it's a personal thing.

    I personally do not "promote" vegetarianism, though I am a vegetarian (I was vegan for a while, and return to some dairy and eggs). It's not that I don't believe vegetarianism is good. But it was my choice.

    You said "However I don't like the idea that no land animal on earth as far as I know doesn't eat some sort of flesh or bugs."

    Eating meat is natural. But you can still choose to not do it. But, I don't think you'll be able to prove it unnatural.

    People should be able to respect your choice. And, it's good to respect theirs as well. If someone wants to know your views on diet, feel free to share. But, it sounds as if (I could be wrong) you are wanting to "evangelize" your choice. You are free to do that, but many times it's not met with good feelings by co-workers and family. No more than we appreciate being told we "must" eat meat (or dairy and eggs) for our health.

    I apologize if I'm reading your intentions wrong. And, you are free to promote or not. Just an observation from being long term vegetarian in a meat and potatoes (and hunting) part of the country.

  • nsns

    After reading sisterbecky's comment I thought I will add this.

    A guru once said in his sermon: "Don't go around telling your spouse and family and friends to become vegetarian. What will you say if they tell you that plants are also living beings. Why should we be eating plants? When it is time for them to become vegetarian, they will do that on their own."

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