should i be worried.

ok so ive dabbled in eating raw a lot.

right now im 90%-99% raw and 100% vegan.

But i've only been this high raw for about 4 days. Prior to that i was having about 50%-65% raw i would say.

annnyways, about 2 weeks ago i had a really bad cold. sneezing, coughing, aches, chills, fever, runny nose. I got better and since two days ago, I have the SAME COLD!

PLUS what im more concerned about is my gums inbetween two teeth swelled so it has almost filled inbetween the space of the two teeth.

I noticed there was a bump, i touched it lightly and it popped. it was full of pus & blood.

I dont have health insurance so i reallllly cant afford to get a giant infection. what can i do & do u think it could be caused from detoxing?

im going to have some tea, then oil pull & brush my teeth.

Thanks for your help guys.


  • Im guessing your body is getting used to all these raw foods. Do you eat alot of fruit? Mabey you can be allergic to something your eating. It can be from detoxing. It will soon pass. Dont worry about it!!! Raw foods heals the body.

  • If you had dental, or could afford it, I would suggest seeing a dentist. For mouth soars such as cancker soars I've found a rinse of hydrogen peroxide to work wonders. If the swelling doesn't go down in a few days (or gets worse) I would "bite the bullet" and see a dentist before it gets even worse (and more expensive).

    Some fruits (such as pineapple sometimes) actually can give me chemical burns in my mouth. Maybe you had a fruit like that, or something with a seed that agitated between your teeth (strawberry?)?

  • Oh, and for the cold. Could be just a cold. If you think not, try backing off a little on the raw, and take a slower transition to 100% (if that's what you are aiming for).

  • I do eat more fruit than the average american, but i can say the same for vegetables.

    for instance yesterday i had a grapefruit, an apple, strawberries, a small orange and 1 piece of dried mango. And i didnt eat anything i dont normally eat.

    whats weird is i don't feel any presser or pain in my gums, even when it broke open...ever now i dont feel anything. the nerves arent dead because i could feel my touch but no pain.

    No I dont have dental either. Maybe i'll try the peroxide thing. what about tea tree oil? would that help? I always try everything in my power to fix myself holistically before going to a doctor. Last winter I had a really bad ear ache & i cured it with distilled white vinigar & water in two days. :P

    I'm very over weight. being 50% raw just wasnt cutting it. my body just kept gaining & losing the same 8 pounds the past 5 months. I recently found out i have hypertension & theres a big possibility I have Celiac disease too :( I stopped eating ALL gluten which made me feel a tone times better, but still was gaining & losing those same 8 pounds. Ive been very high raw for ....actually it is the morning of day number 4 and I've lost those 8 pounds. With no exercise because i have a cold. I'm scared right now because i dont feel like it will go any further, which is probably just paranoia. It just doesnt feel like a reality for me to lose this weight! it really doesnt. and i think back and remember that I lost 62 pounds now, and ive kept it off, minus those pesky 8 pounds but it still doesnt feel real, doesnt feel like I can achieve it.

  • Megan,

    It sounds like you are on your way to getting healthy! Congrads on the 62 pounds! I have tea tree oil, but never tried orally using it. Though some sites suggest using it in a mouth rinse, one medical site I found advised very strongly against it. I would try the peroxide or vinegar instead (I'd never thought of vinegar, but now that you mentioned it ...)

    The only reason I mention the fruit is because I've had some bad luck with pineapple. I still eat it, but if I get a strong one, I either use it in a smoothie with other fruit to thinned it out, or grill it (I follow high raw, not 100%).

    As long as the grapefruit doesn't normally bother you, I'm guessing the fruit didn't cause it. I tend to eat plenty of fruit myself.

    Good luck with the peroxide or vinegar rinse. If it's not really painful, maybe you won't need to go to the doctor. But, if it doesn't heal in a while, I still stand by getting it check out with a professional.

  • Thanks!

  • nsns

    For dental issues, try oil pulling. Look up

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