Thinking about trying raw

Ok so right now I'm vegan (which is so far the best health choice I have ever made) and I'm thinking about trying to do a more raw diet but I have a few questions and concerns.

I have bloodsugar issues and have to be careful to maintain an even sugar intake over the course of the day to prevent dangerous dips and rises. The amount of sugar intake doesn't seem to matter as long as its even. Do you think this would be an issue if i went raw?

Also, I am borderline underweight and while I want to be healthier I'm worried about maintaining my weight. Do you have any suggestions as far as that goes?



  • You can eat as many fruits you want, theres many low glycemic which wont spike your blood sugar. Im guessing if your underweight , you can add some fats in your diet like nuts, avocado, olive oil etc.

  • My suggestion, transition slowly. Add fruit to your breakfast, big salads to each meal, stuff like that. Don't feel you need to go cold turkey. Just start upping your raw, and see how you feel. If you have trouble keeping your weight up on all raw (once you get there, if that's your goal), you can always add in some healthy cooked.

  • Thanks! I have really been trying to be more health concious lately and I think that this would be a great way to help improve my diet.

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