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What are your favorite Raw Restaurants in your city? If any

I am out of Greensboro, NC and a good friend of ours is opening up a Raw Food Restaurant in Winston-Salem called Nutricia's Cafe.

One of my Favorites is Pure Food and Wine and if your in Las Vegas they have a great restaurant called Go Raw Cafe.

Raw restaurants are growing, slowly but I am glad to see a lot of 100% organic restaurants and juice bars popping up everywhere. It's got start somewhere and I hope it keeps growing. Please list your favorites





  • I live in Chicago and just started 28-day raw detox program with Cousin's Incredible Vitality www.cousinsiv.com. I also went to eat last week at Borrowed Earth Cafe in Downers Grove and it was fabulous! The other one we have here is Karyn's but I have not been there yet! I am feeling so good I may go raw for good!

  • Mines Wild Organic Way Cafe, in Guelph Ontario Canada

    Amazing Mushroom and walnut croquette!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I live in the Dallas, Texas area, where we have one, Bliss Cafe, I like it. However, I spend a lot of time in Austin, Texas, there are 3 or 4 there. My favorite is the Daily Juice Cafe!

  • Joëy PhiJoëy Phi Raw Newbie

    Pure food & wine in NYC is THE BEST!!!! Also, Cru in L.A isnt bad and theres another good one in Santa Monica but I forget the name...

  • LOL you lucky ones;-)

    I live in Oslo, Norway, and we cook everything (oil you know:-P) I actually don't think there is a single raw food restaurant in the whole country LOL but then again my country has less people than your cities

    sorry to mess up this thread I just came to think of it and I must say I find it both facinating and a bit funny;-D

    and if you know about any raw food restaurants in Oslo, please let me know! I will be happy to admit if I am wrong about this!:-D

  • ha, I feel your pain sipusa, I'm living in South Korea right now and there's nothing like a raw restaurant here. I've never really found a REAL, 100% vegetarian place either (they always sneak in fish sauce or beef stock), but I've heard they exist...maybe they're imaginary.

    The best I've found? The local market. You can buy a HUGE bag of oranges and then go nuts. Or, really, whatever produce they've got..Korea's pretty skimpy on fruit/veggie choices.

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    You have to be joking- there is only one truly vegan cafe here in Liverpool- and that is only open on Saturdays, run by volunteers. It is my dream to open a wholefood/vegan raw/organic cafe...alas....sigh it will never be as I'm unemployed and broke.

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