Stevia Concern

I ordered some stevia, the ground up plant, but when I got it said 'Not for human consumption' the on the website it said due to laws they have to say this. Now although they also went on to say it's been used safely in China for years, Im still worried about taking it.

Can anyone shed some light?


  • To add: Admittedly it is the FDA who have dis-owned Stevia - the same company who suggest we all turn to aspartame, but still I just want to know of any know side effects especially as its still in plant form how I have bought it.

    And now I have just read Stevia is actually banned in the Uk, which has me more worried but wondering how the website sold it.

  • RE: STEVIA CONCERN -- You may want to check to see if your source used chemicals when growing the stevia. If you are still concerned, consider growing your own stevia. You can find plants and seeds at many good garden centers.

    I did a search on Google using "stevia banned" and found many links discussing the old issue of banning stevia. In 2010 stevia is not a banned herb.

    Why is that the FDA doesn't ban products that clearly cause harm to humans, but will choose to ban an herb that everyone can grow on their windowsill?

  • Well it's organic stevia, I know that. But I'm not sure if growing it is allowed in the UK, but yes I understand what you mean. It's not the FDA's approval I go by, just the general rule.

  • Raw Passion,

    We grow Stevia on site at our farm in Canada. We use the herb every day and the only thing we've gotten from it are good benefits! Stevia is anti-bacterial and helps with dental health, as it slows the growth of plaque.

    Stevia is diabetic and hypoglycemic safe. Don't worry about the stevia, it is perfectly fine. Now as to where it was grown, that's a different story. You want to make sure that your product has been taken care of. The plant is safe to consume, but you want to check the source it came from.

    Hopes this helps,


  • I also grow my own stevia, then dry it and use the powder in recipes. I used all of mine and I'm not growing it right now, so I ordered some wildcrafted green Stevia powder from Natural Zing. I use it every day--no problems after about 8 mos. Pj

  • I get stevia and use it ALL the time and have never had bad results. It is my favorite sweetener!

  • I don't really have a regular use for it, but I think it's safe, and as far as I know, it's approved now by the US FDA (not that that has any meaning or usefulness) BECAUSE a certain company is marketing/patenting the stevia and filler combos and selling them. Before, the government didn't have anything to gain from its sales.

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