Questions about Raw Basics

Ok so I have some questions about things that seem to be important to the whole raw thing.

What exactly is a green smoothie? And how do you make them and how important are they?

What does sprouting mean? Is it something I should learn to do if I am thinking about going raw?

Could someone give me an example of a typical grocery list? I don't buy a lot of fresh food now so I'm looking for something I can use as a starting point.

I take a b12 supplement now, but I'm not really into taking more vitamins and meds than I really need, so is there anything else you would suggest I take?

Sorry there are so many, I just figured I'd put them all in one post instead of littering the forums.


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    green smoothies, also read Green For Life

    Sprouting can be good and is cheap, but it isn't critical.

    What you at e today

    About vitamins, get a blood test. If you have any deficiencies try to adjust your diet accordingly. If that solution is not feasible or sufficient, then supplement those deficiencies.

  • Thanks! Those links were really helpful - I even added the first three to my favorites so I can get to them again easily. Green smoothies sound actually pretty good now that I know they have fruit in them. Good thing one of the only cooking utensils I have is a blender =) . Thanks a lot!

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    You're welcome. Sounds like you could also benefit from reading this:

    Its a pretty good overview

  • sv3sv3

    Green smoothies are ace - once you get hooked, there's no going back! Have fun! :-)

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