mixing it up!!!

Hi!! Does it matter if i eat one apple, raspberries, and pears together . Just before I had mung bean sprouts then i wanted something sweet so I ate raspberries again with a pear. I hardly mono eat because i like tasting and eating different foods so I dont crave the other food. I like having different flavours when I eat..


  • what different fruits combine well together.

  • Sweet, some people like to monomeal for digestion. But, I tend to be like you, I like the combos:-) My suggestion, if it doesn't bother your digestion, mix whatever you like. There is, I'm sure some guidelines for food combiding, but I wouldn't let those hold you back as long as they don't bother you. Monomealing can be easier on digestion, but the combining has it's advantages too- certain nutrients are more more likely to be absorbed by your body when combined with other foods. Like vitamine c from citrus helps you absorb iron in spinach. And vitamin D makes calcium more available.

  • HAHA thanks sisterbecky. Its really hard when i like those three different fruits, I have to have a taste of all of them. I would get fed up of eating ten apples in a meal and then wait to eat raspberries in 3 hours or so. I dont seem to get bad digestion . Does it take longer to digest when it is combined with mixed fruit ? Its not like im eating nuts with fruit, people say not to mix it. I remember once i had some almonds then had an apple right after and didnt do anything to me. I sprouted those mung beans ,and only some had tails on them does it matter if i ate some without the tails. does it mean they are dead seeds? or are they still alive and are they digestable without tails , as longs as i soaked them for 12 hours.:) thanks!!

  • I don't know much about sprouts, to be honest with you.

    But mixing nuts and fruit- I'm the same way as you, I can mix nuts and fruit with no problem.

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