I am really struggling to commit to pushing forward in my decision to become raw again. I was raw for a year got sick and it all went down the drain after I got well again I did not have the motivation to return to a raw life style. I am set on getting the life I had started back but am struggling. I am worried about social situations, temptations, and afraid it wont make the difference in my life I am hoping for. Since 2 years ago when I stopped living raw I gained a great deal of weight and it has been such a struggle carrying around this weight I am ready for change but just am having trouble fully committing. Any encouragement inspiring stories and advice would be soooo appreciated!

Thanks!!! xx


  • Take it slow and love yourself. :)

    Social situations - they are only as tough as you decide they are. If you are confident and happy in what you are doing then the problems/uncomfortable situations will cease to exist.

    Temptations - tell yourself you can have whatever you want. If you do not feel restricted then you will find it easier to stay away from things because you will know that you are actually allowed to eat whatever you want. You will probably end up eating the stuff sometimes, but that is okay It is a process and you will grow from these times. Eventually, your body will figure out what makes it feel happy inside and what doesn't. :)

    Afraid it won't make the difference in your life you are hoping for - what have you got to lose? :) If it doesn't, then it is not right for you. If it does then that is great! And it probably will make a lot of difference. Even if it isn't exactly everything you were hoping for, some progress is always good.

    Take it slow - however slow you need to go to make it work for you! Any step in the right direction is always a positive thing, no matter how small! Steps add up!

    Love, love, love yourself! Tell yourself every day! The more you love yourself, the more you will want to do what is right for you, whatever that may be! You deserve this! You are worth it! You are amazing!


  • Thank you sooo much I always forget to be gentle with myself and not let the anxiety take over : ) I really appreciate your kind words! xo

  • You are so very welcome! :)

  • Hey there kiwi!

    First of all I really think that you need to take a second and celebrate the fact that you are taking this step! So often do we look down upon ourselves that we forget to give praise where praise is due.

    I think that a lot of people on here decide to go raw overnight. I've been "dancing" with raw food for two years now and I've never been mad at myself for taking things slow. One of the problems with going A-Z that quickly is that all of a sudden you find yourself in an entirely different world with no reference points or structure and all of your friends and family think you're insane. My advice, take things slow. Introduce raw staples into your life every week or every month. Start out with a green smoothie in the morning. Then add a small raw salad before your lunch and dinner. Try drinking kamut or green juices (50% carrot, 50% green) between meals. The more greens you introduce into your days the more you crave them. Slowly you'll start adding in so much of the good stuff that there won't be any room for the things that aren't adding to your health.

    Remember that there is no such thing as being perfect. We all make mistakes, but what makes us each different is how we deal with the consequences of our mistakes. Instead of punishing yourself for your mistakes, think of them as part of your journey. Two steps forward, one step back is STILL going in the forward motion. Let yourself experience everything as a journey. No good or bad, yes or no... it just is what it is and if you let yourself live your life and feel what you need to feel, your body, mind and spirit will eventually start to take paths that will lead you to a more positive, healthy place.

    So far as family and friends are concerned, here's a tid-bit of advice I received from my raw guru: make yourself the number 1 priority in your life and everything else will fall into place. It may sound slightly esoteric, but trust me. It works! No one is going to take care of you better than you can take care of yourself. Your relationship with food is a direct reflection of your relationships in life. If you treat yourself well by giving your body the fuel it needs, you will find that you will also treat those around you better and they will be drawn in by your light and positivity.

    For me, the number one thing in the raw food world that makes me feel like a rock star is to treat myself to a juice fast. A one-day, three-day, seven-day. Whatever I have time for! I make sure it is fresh (and organic) and definitely not fruit juice. When I do this I feel happier, I see colors more brightly, I am more calm and patient...

    Hope something in this message resonates with you. Good luck to you!

    With peace and love,

    raw swede

  • thank you! Kindness is sooo important and your suggestions are great! I could really see this approach making things much more enjoyable : )

  • sv3sv3

    Great advice raw swede - you've inspired me! :-)

  • Glad to have found this thread. I've been pretty dedicated to my raw comittment since January. However, I just got engaged and have spun off my healthy track the last couple weeks.... Though I have so much to celebrate, I know the root of my spin off is from a personal history of eating disorders.

    Raw is the only way I personally can faithfully eat a steady healthy diet. Also, it's the only way that I can reduce chronic pain in my body.

    So, to stay motivated I'm going to focus on all the positive aspects of raw vegan eating! Balanced energy & moods, REALLY feeling good and REALLY being focused rather than feeling foggy.

    kiwi, best wishes to you in your recomittment. raw swede you've also inspired me to start a fast as well. I think I'll start w/ a three day. I know I'll feel fabulous and motivated by the end;)

    Blessings to you all, ~jesusfreak

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